16 thoughts on “Postgame Haiku, Vol. 10

  1. pills91

    RU is aweful, but, still a great win. We still have some offensive issues, but, the second half adjustments by KN and IJ were great. Once again, Schiano was outcoached by Navy.

  2. Robert

    Glad to see those fools back at the bottom of college football where they belong. Last year’s comments by classless fans are inexcusable.

  3. Shack

    Great win. But let’s not look at the emperor’s clothes too admiringly. The defense still needs to bring more pressure in the form of stunts and blitzes. Simply put, it works when we do it. Even if the quarterback isn’t sacked, it causes him to rush his delivery which helps counteract our soft coverage and poor tackling. I still can’t get over watching the DBs play 10 yards off the receivers in the Duke game. We have a hard enough time tackling without giving talented receivers additional space. Lastly, if you can’t cover with seven or eight, why continue to bring only three or four? Isn’t that how we beat Notre Dame. What are we afraid of? It can’t be any worse than having Duke run up 400 yards on you.

  4. Shack

    Classless fans some of which were wearing turbans and berating our fine young men. Intolerant liberals are such hypocrites. It makes me want to kick them in the cooze.

  5. jerzed

    ….and in case that you had not noticed, except for two hopefully minor injuries to Schaefer and Walsh, we did not have any season ending injuries as in past years during this game.

  6. BCR9751

    Great win! The team played with heart, which seemed to be missing in the three previous games. It seemed like the o-line played their best game to date. I listened to the 1st half on the radio, were the penalties called against Navy as bad as Feinstein would have had me believe?

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