25 thoughts on “KAIPO WATCH ’08

  1. Bob R

    Let’s be holding our breath on Kaipo’s availablity while hoping Coach Ken and the staff are doing everything they can to help Jarod succeed.

  2. Keith

    Like with most hamstring injuries Kaipo will probably not be 100% the rest of the year, but Kaipo at 80% is better than Jarod at 100% when it comes to running the offense. I admire Jarod’s grit and athleticism and am disappointed he has not really had a chance to play and excel at the slotback position but BirdDog please try to answer a question for me. Why isn’t Ricky Dobbs getting any reps with the offense. On a hot day at Duke, Jarod had 3 or 4 3 and outs on offense. After the third 3 and out a change of pace with Dobbs and rest for Jarod for at least one series might have been useful. Even one series with Dobbs midway in the 3rd quarter against WF might have helped. Is Dobbs so bad that the coaching staff has no confidence in him? What do you think?

  3. Non Illegitimus Carborundum

    I am confident that Navy will with this AF game with or without Kaipo, primarily due to the outstanding motivational work that KN and staff has done with this team this year….clearly their greatest accomplishment to date with our team.

    If Kaipo cannot play, I would like to see more first down play action passing with Bryant and sustained focus on what he does back (QB draws, mid-line option, etc.).

    I also agree with Keith….mix it up by getting Ricky Dobbs in the game if necessary to show different looks and drive the more traditional triple option. We are going to need him this season anyway, and I think he may add a competitive dimension to JB at QB.

    To me, the biggest focus that the coaching staff needs to do is be aggressive on offensive play calling…they have the team believing in themselves now….be bold and always attack off guard.

  4. Paul

    Let keep our fingers crossed that Kaipo can go on Saturday. Since the Paul Johnson era, Kaipo just may be to most efficient QB to run the option (might an intesting poll idea for you birddog?). Too bad he doesn’t have the durability that Aaron Polanco did.

    If Jarod Bryant starts I really hope Coach Jasper opens up the play book a little and gets creative with the offense. They can’t go out there and keep pounding a square peg into a round hole…especially against a strong Air Force team.

    As for Ricky Dobbs, this sure would be a big stage to get his first game time action. Then again, it’s certainly a smaller stage that the Horseshoe at Ohio State! Maybe putting Dobbs and Bryant on the field would be an interesting wrinkle, especially for a direct snap running play to either of them!

  5. NavyFan

    Dobbs gets snaps every day in practice. He isn’t ready. I hope Kaipo can play too, but if he can’t he will be fine. Think Brian Hampton two years ago at Air Force. When I die I want to come back as a back-up QB. He is the popular guy alive. Everybody was dying to play JB in front of Kaipo now most of those people can’t wait to get rid of JB for the next savior. The O-Line and D-Line will win this game.

  6. This is the most ridiculous attempt at MILDEC I’ve seen this year. (Well maybe except for the Russian deployment to the Caribbean.) I don’t think we’re fooling TC and his cadre of O-2s/O-3s, err coaching staff.

  7. EKW JR

    Hard to believe Kaipo can go.

    JB confidence needs to be worked on. More than anything, he looks more indecisive than last year. Don’t know the fix, but something is needed.

    Don’t agree with the RD chants. If RD was ready, he would be playing. It’s obvious he is not ready.

  8. EKW JR

    What is so freaking strong about this AF team, by the way? OK, they beat Houston, but they got a HUGE break when the game got moved to Dallas. Do you think that Houston was mentally ready to play? They hung on for dear life in that game.

    Do we think that their defense it better than Ball State, Duke, Rutgers, or Wake? Look who they have played! Come on!

  9. Paul

    OK, I’ll agree that Air Force isn’t that strong. My concern is that Navy’s offense won’t be as potent as it could be without Kaipo. In addition, though I am encouraged by the defensive performance against Wake, I need to see a repeat performance to befor I am convert. Especially because I don’t think they’ll be able to put 8 into coverage like they did on Saturday because Air Force will probably run the ball more efficiently that Wake.

    Another thing to consider – playing in Colorado Springs is not easy task. If memory serves me correctly, the last two played out there have been really close.

  10. Anyone who followed this team over the summer could tell you JB was the better than RD in camp. I’ll take my chances with a guy who has “been there, done that,” albiet not nearly as well as Kaipo.

  11. usmc53

    Man, we have a lot of Football Geniuses in our fan base.
    If only we could transfer the fans’ brilliance to the coaching staff, we’d never lose again!

  12. Dave'69

    I recommend that everyone read Bill Wagner’s (Annapolis Capital) blog on ACC officials as well as his 9/29 article on our coaching staff. Both are excellent.

  13. football dad dan

    Another excellent article is Don Markus (Baltimore Sun) article titled “Deep thoughts” from Saturday, 27 September –> It’s on the Baltimore Sun webpage … For some reason didn’t make the navysports.com “newspaper” link.

    Beat Air Force!!!

  14. jimbear

    Jb ran the offense and moved the team last year. He did a pretty good job in the first two starts this year. Obviously Kaipo is the much better QB but I was really surprised how inept the offense was when JB played the second half against both Duke and Wake Forest. .
    Did these other teams just take away the midline option and JB not make the correct reads? Was it a let down by the offense after JB was injured? What is your opinion birddog?

  15. pills91

    Some of us (myself included) forget that JB has led us to double digit points. I think if we score 24, we win.

    AF is good, but, we match up better with them than we did vs anyone we’ve played so far (except maybe Towson).

  16. thebirddog

    Double-digit points isn’t exactly an accomplishment.

    The book is out on Jarod Bryant. Defenses know what plays get called when he’s in the game. It’s one thing when he could come into the second half of games last year and give a defense a new look. Now, they’re ready for it.

    If his problem is really just confidence like Niumat hinted at the luncheon yesterday, then maybe we will see some improvement this week. I just have a hard time believing that the issue is that simple.

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