Kaipo still didn’t practice yesterday, sticking to the stationary bike. Coach Niumat did say that he would be making the trip to Colorado Springs, though, because you never know. That kind of talk doesn’t make me very confident that he’s going to play, which is probably what we all figured from the beginning.

12 thoughts on “KAIPO WATCH ’08, DAY THREE

  1. navyblue12

    Salty Sam,

    I do not think Kaipo will play; so, we do not have a hell of a lot of choices. Plus, JB is due for a good game.

    Even if Kaipo does play, the liklihood of him finishing is remote due to the injury and the conditioning issue.

  2. Salty Sam

    I know. That’s why I am not confident about this game. Although it should be noted that I think we’re going to lose every game until the final gun.

  3. Unless Kaipo is practicing, I don’t see this as anything other than MILDEC. I’m surprised KN thinks it will have any effect on TC schemes. It’s not like Kaipo is a pure dropback passer and JB is just a runner.

    All JB has to do is hit an occasional pass to keep the D honest. In rewatching the WF game, he seemed to get better, even with the crappy field position.

  4. Non Illegitimus Carborundum

    All JB needs is patience and confidence….do not try to force a play.

    IJ needs to be a little quicker in his responsiveness to defensive schemes in the play calling….and let’s do some play action or passing on first down.

  5. Knine

    A wise man once said that when someone gets injured it’s a chance for someone else to step up….maybe the entire team will step up!

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