Coach Niumatalolo said at his press briefing yesterday that Kaipo still isn’t ready to run, and would be at best a gametime decision. He said that Jarod Bryant would be most likely to get the start no matter what, with Kaipo hopefully being good enough to play in a pinch.

3 thoughts on “KAIPO WATCH ’08: DAY FOUR

  1. GoalieLax

    I’ll be shocked if he plays. I’m hoping that getting JB in at the start of a game instead of the beginning of the second half when the opposing defense comes out fired up and pinches down will let him operate a little better. Let’s be honest, right now Air Force is the 4th best team we’ve faced this year…maybe 3rd depending on how dook does this weekend.

  2. GoalieLax

    watching the 2006 AF-Navy replay on the MTN right now

    funny things
    1. deberry wearing glasses from the matrix
    2. air force section 8 stealing the I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN chant
    3. deberry throwing his hat on the field repeatedly
    4. the sideline reporter calling the cadets “boys” when one of the booth guys says something about her liking the muscles
    5. deberry crotch grabbing
    6. acc officials blowing the offisides that we should have gotten on AF’s 3rd down with under 2 to go
    7. looking at the USAFA seniors going without 4 wins

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