Congratulations to Matt Harmon. It’s going to be hard for him to fight through the swarm of adoring fans in downtown Annapolis now that he’s been tabbed as The Birddog’s People’s Choice MVP of the Air Force game. That’s the price of being a stone cold killah. This week, I pretty much have nothing. So I will ask you how you spent your last week. You had no Navy football to sustain you. How did you cope?

How did your spend your weekend of freedom? Some possibilities:

  • Went to a high school game.
  • Mowed grass that hasn’t been touched since August.
  • Feigned interest in other games.
  • Fought withdrawl symptoms.
  • Spent some “quality time” with the family. Hopefully it’s enough to tide over the ol’ ball & chain until the next bye week.

I left off “all of the above” because that’d be the obvious answer.

If you have a slightly more fulfilling life than mine, feel free to chime in here with your bye week exploits.

23 thoughts on “MONDAY POLL: BYE WEEKS

  1. usmc53

    Went to a play with the Ball & Chain. That should buy me several Saturdays at NMCMS and on the couch w/ remote control in hand.

  2. jgish92

    Phillies playoff games! The Phightin’ Phils really need to wrap it up soon because if there is a game 7, it will be on Saturday and I really don’t want to have to choose between game 7 of NLCS and Navy-Pitt.

  3. GoalieLax

    oh man, it was a tough weekend

    i went out on Friday night with some friends to have a few beers…went to bed around 3am….got up at 11 and went to a friend’s house to watch football…had a 60″, 32″, and 25″ TV in his living room…sat on his couch with him, his wife, and his dog from noon till midnight, drinking beers, eating pizza, and watching football, baseball, and hockey…got up at noon yesterday and watched pro football while working on a project and seeking out new bands to listen to on itunes

    being single is such a tough life

  4. Section 130

    I mowed the lawn after removing August and September newspapers, two political signs, a squirrel carcass and three armloads of downed branches. Had to retrive the mower from neighbor and siphon gas from another. Then watched tapes of this season’s games and DVD’s of the past four seasons…Saturday can’t come fast enough…wonder where that lady went who used to live here…

  5. DotBone89

    Watched the Rutgers game again. Still can’t figure out all the reads, etc; without the BD pointing them out to me(us).
    BirdDog: How about a breakdown of Navy v Columbia on Nov 4.

  6. Adam

    I studied for four midterms.

    And by study I mean I had a chemistry book open on the table where my feet were resting while i ate popcorn and watched Texas beat Oklahoma.

  7. EKW JR

    Took the weekend off from FB altogether, and spent the weekend with my soon to be six year old grandson. Drove down to Va Beach Friday night. Brought him back Saturday. Watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua with him Saturday night. Took him to the National Zoo on Sunday via the Metro. Drove him back to Va Beach Monday. Lots of time on the road. Great to be with him. His dad is assigned to CVN-69.

  8. Friday…..flyfishing, caught @ released 8 rainbows …

    Saturday…. busy day as I rooted for Texas (daughter is a graduate), was at the Igloo to watch my Penguins lose their home opener to the Devils, and got home in time to watch the Japanese Grand Prix……..

    Sunday…realized that I’m getting way too old to stay up all Saturday night…….. so slept in….. watched NFL ticket
    during the time I wasn’t napping…….. in the evening finished reading “Pure Goldwater”…… went to sleep fairly early…..I think that today I slept more than our cats………… ‘sigh.

  9. jimbear

    Watched Army beat Eastern Michigan. Collin Mooney is a monster. I know everyone busted Mumford for saying how good Mooney was after spring ball. He wasn’t right in saying CM was better than Ballard, Kettani and Eckel but this guy can run and really move a the pile. He puts the ball on the ground too much but he is a player.

  10. Jean

    Watched Navy crew destroy the opposition. All of the top varsity boats and JVs won their races. If the novices (freshmen) had won instead of placing second in their races, it would have been a clean sweep, but it was still fun to gather with Navy fans and “tailgate” while cheering for Mids!

  11. GoMids

    Played in a golf tournament and stunk. Flask came in handy.

    usnamom, on October 13th, 2008 at 10:06 am Said:
    watched football ALL weekend…YES! And by the way…I’m the Ball & Chain in our family (-:

    usnamom could you be real? It was my understanding that women like you don’t exist.

  12. usnamom

    They do and it makes my family crazy because I’m the one who doesn’t want to miss any of the college games.

    The only upside to having the Navy games moved to 3:30 is that now I can watch College Game Day all the way to end instead of TiVo’ing it.

    Right now we’re watching Coaches Spotlight on ESPN U


  13. Nicole

    I’ve only recently discovered this blog, but have certainly found it to be an informative and enjoyable read. Not to mention a good procrastination tool.

    Pretty much watched football all weekend (yes, Saturday and Sunday) and “studied” for midterms. Kind of like I’m doing right now…

    I’ll be at the Navy/Pitt game on Saturday though, definitely looking forward to that.

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