13 thoughts on “OPEN THREAD TUESDAY

  1. Adam

    BYU-TCU is going to be epic this Thursday night. Looking forward to another great weekend of football. Anyone else wondering is Buddy Green is going to stick with Tuani despite Walsh being ‘back’?

  2. GoMids

    How is AF beating us on recruits? Believe we recruited both Jefferson and Clark, don’t know if we offered both, have to think we did. Both looked pretty good to me, granted it was against SDSU which is putrid. But how does AF beat us on any recruits, after we’ve beaten them 6 years running now?

    Speaking of SDSU, I’ve seen AF in 2 MWC games — Wyo and SDSU. Those two are locked in a tight race for worst team ever. Are people seriously still saying the MWC is all that?

  3. It’s hard to say that they’re “beating us” without knowing the details. Maybe we recruited those guys, but how do we know if they were higher on our list than the guys we got? They might have been lower priority to our staff than they were to Calhoun’s. Maybe we weren’t recruiting them for the positions they wanted to play. Maybe playing early was more important to them than playing for the better team. Maybe they want to be a combat coach. There are a million things that go into recruiting.

  4. jgish92

    Why the love fest with Jefferson? I mean he shows some promise, but he’s hasn’t shown that he’s the second coming of Montana, Favre, Staubach or Carney.

  5. BCR9751

    AFA is getting some recruits because the AF is more attractive to some guys than the USN or USMC. Personally, I’d rather have players who want to be Marines or Naval Officers than those who want to be in the chair-force.

  6. pills91

    Well, this isn’t really “eating at me”. Just thought I would share how your Beaufort Middle School Gryphons Football team is doing.

    We won our first round playoff game last night vs. Hilton Head Middle. They beat us 2 weeks ago, so, we got a little revenge.

    We jumped on them early, and went to the half winning 22-0. I think our boys started thinking about the “-ship”, and, let them storm the gates.

    We needed an interception in the end zone with 1 minute left on the clock to preserve the victory, 22-16.

    Our TB had 18 attempts for 164 yds and 2 TD’s. Thru 7 games, he’s had 103 attempts for 838 yds and 12 TD’s.

    We play Thursday for the League Championship.

  7. pills91

    No. We didn’t install it. Just thought it would be to much this late. Plus, our opponent on Thursday tends to overload the middle.

    We have installed the toss sweep from the double wing. We have also installed the QB bootleg off of the toss sweep. We can also run the FB trap off of the same formation. The team we play overloads the strong side, so, these 3 plays should be big for us tomorrow.

    We also installed the TB/QB throwback pass.

  8. 901458

    Baltimore Sun article reporting Jerod Bryant starting for the Mids vs. Pitt this weekend. Was really hoping Kaipo would be healthy enough to be the starter.

  9. NavyFan

    GoMids-I think what Mike said was right on. There are 1000 different reasons why one kid chooses a school over another. Jefferson had no chance of playing this year over Bryant and Kaipo, but he had a chance this year. I also think you are discounting the fine QBs that are freshman and at the prep school right now. Maybe he doesn’t like competition?

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