1. 150Punts

    Can I say “Yay” for it being the stand-alone game and “Boo” for what it’s going to do to the entire schedule of the Naval Academy all year long? It’s one thing to re-think a football game schedule, but tweaking AcYear skeds is a different animal.

    I love a 10 year guarantee and the money it brings in, but there are second, third order effects.

  2. GoMids

    I see it completely differently. Ac schedule can be changed with a couple keystrokes, they did it to us all the time. A-N tv revenue is irreplaceable. It’s tent pole for the entire athletic program, was becoming endangered, and if allowed to go away it would be gone for good. This move totally saves it, and even enhances it if CBS packages the game right, which it sounds like they’re going to. Great move by all concerned.

  3. Stephen

    I agree. You have to be loving the ten-year deal and being the only game in town that week.

    But, I’m not crazy about moving The Game closer to final exams and (let’s be realistic) their possible bowl dates. Until someone like Ross Perot leaves their fortune to the NAA, situations like this are inevitable in order to fund the athletic portion of our mids’ education, and to ensure they’re facing the highest levels of intercollegiate competition.

    On a lighter note, as to intramural competition, I found this amusing:

  4. Gary

    Anything to get it way from Championships and on its own is a huge plus- like itb was and oughta be.
    I am sure there is some way the Academy could accomodate the Brigade on any change- they have plenty of notice.
    I would also like to see a 3:00 game and maybe at night but thats tough that time of year.
    The Mids should be making Bowl games that are later than the earliest ones they have played in other than Meineke (that was a good date) since they would go deeper into Dec.

  5. NavyFan

    I am just waiting for the title games to be pushed back a week now. That means there won’t be such a layoff from the title games to the BCS games. Just wait, it will happen.

  6. Dave'69

    Does a bowl game enhance its status when it attracts more people (and TV audiance) – and thus command a better/later TV date? If so, Navy’s “draw” should help the bowls that currently list them as a possible and/or make them more attractive to other bowls that are locked in to a conference. Just because a bowl has a conference tie in does not mean it is can’t find a way to add a team like Notre Dame or Navy (or maybe even Army in the future). It’s amazing how MONEY can create adjustments – such as the rescheduling the playing date of a 108 year old tradition.

  7. Dave'69

    I just noticed that Air Force is at Army this Saturday (12:00ET on ESPNU). I remember my first day plebe summer being told, “We root for Army every game except one!” and I intend to do so this Saturday. I’m glad I’m finished cutting the grass for the year because it looks like another long day in the easy chair. GO ARMY! BEAT AIR FORCE!

  8. Phil

    I voted no and I agree with what NavyFan says. It’s already cold enough the first Sunday in December on the east coast so unless this game is permanently moving to somewhere warm, I don’t get it. Also, I think this now allows Army to think about joining a conference and not have to worry about a championship game conflict (of course, Navy would not be able to join that same conference if it ever wanted to). It’s a stretch I know, but just something else to think about.

  9. Alverez

    I don’t think Army would join a conference after the C-USA debacle and they were to do so, why wouldn’t Navy be able to join the same conference? Just curious. If they were in the same division, they wouldn’t have to play each other twice.

    Also, I don’t think the temperature factor is really a factor. The A/N game is always really cold during the first week of December. What’s another few degrees?

  10. Gary

    Army would do best joining the Ivy Leaue- forget about any other conference.
    We go through this alot and it seems that Independency is the only way for them/us to go.
    I always whined for the Big East membership but nit anymore.

  11. Phil

    I didn’t say they were going to, all I said was it makes it easier if they ever wanted to. And Navy would not be able to join as it would be a conference game when they played and that would be after a championship game.

  12. GoalieLax

    i already made my rant against the ac calendar at navy last week…but obviously yay from me. the ac calendar is too long as it is…trim it and rearrange it

  13. DJ

    NavyFan hit the nail on the head. The danger in moving the game back is that all of the conference championship games will probably be moved in the next couple of years. They are all played in domes or in the south anyway. I have always wondered when a team would play in two bowl games to stay sharp: like the Eagle Bank Bowl on Dec. 20 and then a new years bowl. Moving back the championship game solves that problem.

    I say do whatever pays the bills and the coaching contracts. If the conferences move their championship games, CBS can just move the game back.

  14. EightyFiver

    Ivy League is the least likely conference for Army. (After the CUSA debacle, it ain’t gonna happen.) To go Ivy League, Army would have to leave FBS (the new name for 1A) and join FCS (1AA).

  15. KoutetsuKaigun

    Dave’69, the Army-Navy game date has been moved before. It used to be in November for a while. I am just happy as long as the game continues to be played. I just hope there are no more years without a game.

    Navy Fan, I agree about the conference championships. I am sure they will be moved rather soon. There have been too many bowl games lately that have been less than stellar because of the long delay that some of the teams have had. The excuse is usually that they do not want to mess with the academic schedules of the schools. But, considering that many of the “big” schools are a joke when it comes to student-athletes anyhow I do not see the problem.

  16. usmc53

    Major Problem w/ moving the Army-Navy Game to the 2nd Saturday of December:
    That’s the day they award the Heisman Trophy.

    How are Navy’s Heisman winners going to play in the A-N Game and get to New York in time to collect their trophy???

  17. KoutetsuKaigun

    usmc53, you silly fool. They will bring it to the Army-Navy game of course! :) It will be presented at the same time as the CIC trophy. Along with the National Championship. Might as well get it all done at once.

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