9 thoughts on “INTERROGATIVE

  1. Because all of NIU’s November games are mid week games? They probably had to move it because of the other ones that were actually on TV or else they’d have a REALLY short week.

  2. Oh, and if you’re really interested in it: live video of the game will be available online via the Mid-American Conference’s All-MACcess package. The video will be accompanied by the Kent State radio call. Go to http://www.macsports.com and click on the live streaming button to order the game.

  3. EKW JR

    Both Kent State and NI played Nov 12. This looks like it is intended to give both of them the same rest period before playing each other while still giving NI a full week to get ready for Navy next Tuesday.

    Just a guess.

  4. Looks like NIU kept it on the ground vs. KS. 45 rushes for 224. Four sacks and three fumbles, including one returned for a TD. Great Tuesday night MAC attendance figure of 2,267!

    Looks to be the standard try to stop the run to force a young QB to pass. Need the offense to get going to put pressure on them with a Navy lead.

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