1. One of the most frustrating things about Georgia Tech this season is our amazing ability to fumble the ball. The majority of fumbles are not on the option plays and we currently rank 117 out of 118 teams. My question to you all is.. did Navy have issues holding onto the ball? Was there steady improvement? Or was this a constant issue?

  2. YES. Navy had HUGE fumbling problems in 2002. The biggest difference between the 2002 team that went 2-10 and the 2003 team that went 8-5 was 1) the move to the 3-4 defense, and 2) fewer fumbles.

  3. NavyJoe

    Mike, I recall that Navy ran a play in the 2005 Army game to counter Army walking a safety up to put 8 in the box where the B back became a lead blocker on the perimeter and the QB then had the option to pitch to the trailing A back or keep. RC went 60+ yards for a TD the first time LO checked to the play. With the O’s struggles to run the TO, defenses seem to be stacking the box and swallowing the QB/FB in the interior line. Do you think these type of plays would help the O get the ball on the perimeter and reduce the “read” responsibilities of the QB that we seem to struggle with?

  4. NavyJoe

    It was not the counter option. I read that PJ installed the play just for the Army game to run when Army walked the safety into the box. If you review the 2005 game, you can see LO check to this play whenever Army showed that D.

  5. Dave'69

    Mike – do you know the selection order for the #5, #6, and #7 bowl tie in’s? Just trying to guess which teams each might lean towards. For what it’s worth:
    Music City Bowl (Nashville) had FSU, Clem, & VA the last three years. Emerald (San Fran) had MD, FSU and GaTech. Meineke (Charlotte) had Wake, BC and NCState. #8 – Humanitarian (Boise) had GaTech, Miami, BC

  6. 1. FedEx Orange Bowl* Miami
    2. Chick-fil-A Bowl Atlanta
    3. Gator Bowl Jacksonsville, Fla.
    4. Champs Sports Bowl Orlando, Fla.
    5.** Music City Bowl Nashville
    6.** Meineke Car Care Bowl Charlotte
    7.** Emerald Bowl San Francisco
    8. Humanitarian Bowl Boise, Idaho
    9. EagleBank Bowl Washington D.C.

    * winner of ACC Championship game gets the automatic bid, unless it is ranked first or second in the final BCS standings. In that case, the winner plays in the BCS Championship Game

    ** These three bowl partners submit their preferences. If the teams and partners can’t agree, preference goes in the order listed.

  7. pipehunter

    K will probably have his ups and downs, but he really played well, particularly in the second half. He shut down there scoring whiz until he picked up his second foul, limiting the kid to one shot which he didn’t make. He leaves, and the kid take advantage of his size over Chris and makes two threes, prompting the insertion of Sugars and then Greg Brown to guard him.

    Noone (except Jeremy Wilson) played well at Towson, and K was not good. But I will say this, he has lost 20 pounds, and looks very quick with stamina. That really showed on the D end.

  8. hunkerdawg

    Off the football and basketball topics, but I’m a soccer fan… anyone know what happened with Coach Miranda, Men’s soccer coach? I assume it was a “mutual agreement” that he step down. Is he staying with the Athletic Dept. in another role? Anyone on here play for him who can shed any light on issues he may have confronted?

    Any thoughts on new coach? I think men’s soccer, like women’s, is a sport Navy could really do well in. There is a lot of talent in the area (and many from top-tier high schools) for a good recruiting pool, great new facility at Navy and I think they could grow a solid, supportive fan base over time if they start winning.

    Now back to your regularly scheduled programming…

  9. Pete

    Miranda was asst to Myers for 14 years, was PL coach of the year his first year in 2005, then things went from bad to worse to terrible. Hadn’t won a PL game since 2006 and was not competitive last 2 years.

    No data on replacement. Anecdotally he was not particularly inspiring on the sideleines or locker room. Got that from a “friend of the program.”

  10. NavyJoe

    I would have been shocked if Chet agreed to move the game to Tuesday without a guarantee that the game would be nationally televised.

  11. DotBone89

    In re: stock market. Now is the time to buy those bargains. Or at least DCA over the next few years. That’s Dollar Cost Average not Damage Control Assistant.

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