OK, things are getting straightened out a bit.

School Conference Pct. Overall Pct.
Florida State 5-3 .625 8-3 .727
Boston College 4-3 .571 8-3 .727
Maryland 4-3 .571 7-4 .636
Clemson 4-4 .500 6-5 .545
Wake Forest 4-4 .500 6-5 .545
NC State 3-4 .429 5-6 .455
School Conference Pct. Overall Pct.
Georgia Tech 5-3 .625 8-3 .727
Miami 4-3 .571 7-4 .636
Virginia Tech 4-3 .571 7-4 .636
North Carolina 3-4 .429 7-4 .636
Virginia 3-4 .429 5-6 .455
Duke 1-6 .143 4-7 .364

The goal here is to avoid Wake Forest and Boston College in the EagleBank Bowl. BC can do a lot to help that situation with a win over Maryland this weekend. The Eagles hold the tiebreaker over Florida State, so if both teams have 5-3 conference records, Boston College will advance to the ACC championship game. The winner of the championship game goes to the Orange Bowl, obviously. But the loser of the championship game can fall no lower than the Music City Bowl according to ACC rules. So with a win, BC will take themselves out of the running for Washington.

Wake Forest might be a problem. They’re sitting at 4-4 right now, and they will probably be one of several teams with that record. They’re a small school that doesn’t have the same traveling reputation of the others in the conference. If Charlotte doesn’t take them– and they won’t if UNC or NC State are available– then they could slide pretty far down the list.

Then again, only 8 teams qualify, then all this is moot. Clemson, Virginia, and NC State all have a shot at becoming bowl eligible this weekend, but none of them have a cakewalk. Clemson has to beat South Carolina, Virginia has to beat Virginia Tech, and NC State would need to beat Miami. If none of them win, we’ll face an at-large team. If more than one wins, that would give the EagleBank Bowl an alternative to Wake. If only one of them wins… We’ll see. I’m still holding out hope for Virginia.

Anyway, on to today’s poll question. Reef Points says that the term “Middies” is inappropriate, and that “Mids” should be used instead. Most of Navy’s regular broadcasters seem to have learned this, but given the noobishness of the broadcast team for tonight’s game I expect to hear “Middies” quite a bit. The poll question for this week is: do you care?


  1. Section 130

    I hate hearing “Middies”.

    One never hears “Black Nighties”…

    Or “Hooies”…

    Or “Wolverinies”…

    Or “Crimson Tidies”…

  2. Gary

    I have no problem with Middies- grew up with that headline every day in the papers in the 60`s so it stuck- Never went to Academy either but dont understand the hub bub as to it being so inappropriate? Its just a word-term.
    I personally like it and it does not offend me in any way (but then again I am Gary so surely someone will take me to task here).
    For the record-I dont like Black Knights of Army either as I grew up on the Cadets

  3. DJ

    I do not care for the term “middies” being used by announcers. However, they overcome the use by repeatedly telling the viewers how hard mids work, how early they wake up, how smart they are, how nice they treat people, etc. Maybe this is why people treat me with more respect during football season.

  4. Good thing about a VA win – get to see the Big Stick in the ACC championship game.

    Bad thing about a VA win – they will get chosen before falling to the Eagle Bank Bowl.

    As far as “Middies” – Meh. Been inured to it.

  5. GoalieLax

    how many people here called the students at St John’s “johnnies?” i know i did…and i also know i don’t care about the term middies.

  6. DJ

    Agree on the wishbone remark. 9 of every 10 color guys just read the game notes on the plane and show up to the stadium and wing it. Play by play guys are 10 of 10. If I showed up to my job every day that unprepared I would be fired. Can’t wait to watch the “middies” tonight play “ball control” out of the “wishbone” looking to “eat up clock” because they are “undersized” and “never quit.”

  7. Dave'69

    Right after the GaTech-Miami game, ESPN’s Sportscenter remarked as to how Paul Johnson’s “Flexbone” offence racked up the second largest number of rushing yardage. Perhaps after GaTech (or Navy) wins a national championship and Florida/Ohio St/USC/Texas start to copy it, the sportscasters will begin to learn to call it properly.
    As to being called a “Middie” – it doesn’t bother me one bit. During plebe summer I was told that the rank of Midshipman is higher than the rank of Cadet and that’s the only thing that matters. (I wish someone would tell those cadets at USMA and USAFA that they should salute Midshipmen.)

  8. DotBone89

    The only thing worse than “middie”, is “Oh, you graduated from Annapolis?” No, I graduated from the Naval Academy. Annapolis is a quaint little sea town on the banks of the Naval Academy.
    BEAT ARMY!! (First NIU)

  9. Doug

    Put me in the “don’t use middie” corner – it irks me for some reason. Here in Hampton Roads the local paper uses it all the time, but wouldn’t think of using Cavvie for the Virginia Cavaliers.

  10. GoalieLax

    seriously? people get pissed about “Annapolis” now? i guess “West Point” probably pisses off a lot of the army guys too, huh? :roll:

    PS tons of schools get their names abbreviated in the press

  11. DotBone89

    I’ll give annapolis one thing: drinking is within walking distance of the Hall. At Army (west point) the gate is not within walking distance. (Caps and non-caps intended)

  12. Phil

    It doesn’t really bother me, but I guess that’s because I’ve given up on others not saying it. I think its usage upsets my parents more than it does me.

  13. SanJoaquinGoat

    I like “Middies”, and always have. Even when I was one. And as far as “Annapolis” goes, watching “Men Of Annapolis” every week on black and white TV when I was a kid was why I wanted to go there. That was better than Sky King and Hopalong Cassidy combined.

  14. EightyFiver

    I’m not offended by “Middies,” but it sounds so stoopid. (Probably b/c it is.)
    Has anyone who is actually from Navy ever used the term “middies?”
    Back in the day, uttering the word “middies” probably would have earned a mid a blanket party.

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