57 thoughts on “Postgame Haiku, Vol. 17

  1. T.J.

    16-0? That’s not the over-under I’m used to. Nice.

    I hope the O-Line injuries aren’t serious …. nothing worse than an injury on a garbage play.

  2. Phil

    I agree Mike, but I also question why we didn’t go to the victory formation sooner. Anyways, that was the most unspectacular game as I have seen in a while.

  3. chbags

    I hope the O-Line injuries aren’t serious

    I think I saw Molloy #70 back in there by the end and hopefully Gaskins #72 just had a little ankle twist – he did limp off on his own (mostly)

  4. DotBone89

    Defense sounded great
    Ricky managed offense well
    Passing opened all! (BIG WINK)

    Barley a whisper: GO NAVY! BEAT ARMY!
    A little louder: GO NAVY! BEAT ARMY!
    A lot louder: GO NAVY! BEAT ARMY!
    Thunderously: GO NAVY! BEAT ARMY!
    Ad infinitum: GO NAVY! BEAT ARMY!

  5. Greg

    Can’t wait to read the responses to tonights game – I know I know we need better execution better execution etc but I’m pleased with the RESULTS and Ricky has outscored the opponents when he has been at the helm by some SERIOUS margins – I’ll try to do the math later but this was a great win by the entire team. Nice job defense! Nice 18 play drive (I still think the Zebras got it wrong and it was 2nd and goal from the 22 yard line and the late hit was ticky tack) with NO points from NIU. I wasn’t a bull major … what is Haiku?

  6. KoutetsuKaigun

    The only thing that really frustrated me was that NIU seemed to make that quarterback draw play every time. Other than that, I liked it. :)

    Greg, it is a Japanese style poem that follows the following syllable scheme:


  7. 73Goat


    I think we should have passed for a TD. NI was without doubt the dirtiest team we’ve played. I still can’t believe the D lineman in the 1st half didn’t get a penalty and ejected when he kicked the Navy guy in the groin.

    there was some intentional attempted injury in the pileups in the fourth qtr. I think there should have been several personal foul penalties on NI, oh, and what WAS that call against Stovie?

  8. rob a

    i officially hate espn. since i dont have cable and no one i know cares for navy football (they’d prefer to watch tennessee, which only proves how lost they are) i had to follow the game on the internet. i couldnt get espn 360 to work very well. i was highly irritated. i am very pleased with the outcome. 16-0 may not seem like a big deal, but i NEVER thought i’d see a shutout. i for one couldnt care less about the rushing title. 7-4, winning season, bowl bid, bring on army! by the way, my prediction of more passes. i was dead wrong! guess i should’ve remembered the smu game. hope the guys blocked better. 5 yards a run says they did pretty good. having not seen the game i really dont know.

  9. Nicole

    Agreed that the penalty on Sovie was ridiculous. And what “personal foul” did Yarborough commit? Maybe I missed it, but I didn’t see him do anything.

    Nice win though. Trap game, shmap game.

  10. jimbear

    Solid win. Buddy’s bend but don’t break defense at it’s best. Nice job by Ricky. His leg strength make the difference often between no yards and a 3 yard gain that moves the chains. Disappointed in IG/KN playcalling on offense at times. (At goal line on first FG/before half ect..)

    KN made me scratch my head at end of game. What was first team O doing in there in last minute with 16 point lead. This is not a second guess just because Gaskins got hurt since I felt this at time . If you want to run the ball send in 2nd team for some snaps. If not then just take 3 knees after Kettani first down and get off field. NI was frustrated and acting chippy and now our best lineman might be hurt.

    I hope he’s ready for Army. I liked the fire KN showed on sidelines. One of these days on 4th and 1 if we self scout ourselves we should act like we’re just tryimg to draw team offsides them run a play out of wishbone. I used to love when PJ used wishbone look to see what D they were using then call a time out. The opposing D would clap like they held. PJ would send big stick back on field to get a first down rushing. I guess I’m not yet use to how conservative KN coaches on offense.

  11. KoutetsuKaigun

    jimbear, along the lines of the wishbone-to-draw-offsides thing, one of the only smart things that the announcers said tonight was that getting the defense relaxed like that with Dobbs walking away would leave a perfect opportunity to direct-snap to Kettani and drive it home. I am sure that is already in the head of Coach Niumatalolo.

  12. Dave'69

    Well played game. Solid if not spectacular. With the exception of the QB draw, the defense was very good. Love to see that zero on their side of the scoreboard, not matter how many yards the QB gets. I’m beginning to get more excited watching our defensive back make a pick than I do watching our offensive backs make a 30 yard run. TV coverage lived DOWN to expectations. They failed to show replays on many occasions where they would have added a great deal to the game. Since our running game is always a major feature, why didn’t they give any yardage stats anytime during the 2nd half? How many times do you need to tell people that “NIU is playing for one more win so they can be assured of going to a bowl game”? Credit S.King for his early “analysis” of the potential for more triple option teams to appear as the success of Navy and GaTech is recognized. I just hope they don’t start raiding our coaching staff. Mike – I agree with you. As much as we would like Coach N to pick up at the exact point PJ left off, we need to realize he still is learning. And I for one am very happy with the way he is doing the job. Now on to finishing the year with a victory over Army. (I see the bowl game as a warm up for next year.) GO NAVY! BEAT ARMY!

  13. Your e-stalker skillz disappoint me. With all that I’ve revealed here, plus my gomids nom de plume, it should be a piece of cake! You will get no help from me. E-stalking is a matter of pride!

  14. I didn’t say that I think Coach Niumat is “learning.” I’m saying that people expect the offense to be super awesome fantastic like last year, when last year wasn’t even the norm under PJ.

  15. Banshee74

    Did you catch the comment from announcer Eric Collins at the end of the game…”since there are so many sailors and midshipmen here the Navy team is going over to SERENADE them!!! Do these guys ever do any homework about the teams they cover? And can you imagine them making this comment about a Notre Dame when the sing their alma mater?

  16. Gary

    I was waiting to hear him say Navy Blue & Gold but then realized he had no idea what they were singing to them!
    I listened carefully and there were so many moments where they could have proved they cared and did some research- but it never happened.
    The game sounded like a high school game and they looked like they were shoved into some closet to do the game from.
    And how irritating was the NI coach at the end- why didnt they just toss his A–?

    Serenade- hahah

  17. GoNavy83

    And these guys do the Army games (just as badly, I might add…the Brockbone, etc). You’d think they would know something about the alma mater…

  18. GoalieLax

    LOL army
    SS resends old emails
    mooney teh winnar?

    good game to watch last night. very methodical performance…the 11 minute drive was great to watch.

    i only have two small dings on the performance…the LB’s looked out of place at times and the pitches seemed to come a bit too early sometimes

    as far as the FG we settled for, there was missed blocking on the edge on the 2nd down try that would have been a TD had we gotten defenders down instead of letting them string us out to the sideline

    outside of personal fouls (which i really didn’t see), I thought the ACC crew did ok, especially with Perry on the sidelines

    ESPN classic is meh of course, but i know if i was sitting in bristol, I’d be happy as hell i put navy on classic and had ball state on the deuce…their game was much more exciting to the casual fan…plus we didn’t have to deal with the interactive BS

  19. I don’t blame ESPN for making the switch. But if we had signed with them instead of CSTV, that’s the kind of broadcast we could have expected every week.

  20. GoalieLax

    true…my biggest problem with the CSTV deal was the relative unavailability of the channel unless you lived somewhere with a sight line for DirecTV (which I didn’t have in grad school)

    the best thing that happened to Navy was CBS coming in and buying CSTV. They are able to leverage their broadcast power into getting it onto more carriers. of course, that point is moot to me as I can get DirecTV now. but it would have been a good 4 years of no TV access here in Atlanta and instead watching games on a computer monitor….which just isn’t fun when you have HDTV

    PS – UF-FSU game on classic right now from 1991…holy crap bowden looks so freaking young

  21. Moose"95

    No comments on the 9 tries given to NIU to get a TD? I watched the game in a bar with no sound so it was utterly confusing to watch them go into a review, move NIU back, and a PF no one saw. So it went first and goal at the 9 to 1st and goal at the 24? Then first and ten at the 12? I called my buddy on the East Coast to find out what the heck was going on only to find out he wsa on a tape delay and he was understanably upset I was ruining the game for him. Someday I’ll forgive him for hanging up on me…. someday.

  22. Matt

    I didn’t get a chance to “enjoy” the TV coverage because I was lucky enough to be at the game. But one note about the tv guys, my Dad saw one of them at our hotel prior to the game (I’m guessing it was S. King), and the guy told him he thought NIU was the better team and would win the game…

  23. DJ

    My thoughts on the personal fouls: Sovie didn’t hit him hard but it was late, uncalled for, and the flag was justified. I did not see the Yarborough foul and couldn’t see it on Tivo, but KN gave him two earfuls so I assume that the flag was valid.

    The game was pretty boring, but I will take a shutout win any day. The only negatives I took away were the penalties, the early first half timeouts which cost us ponts later, and the inability to stop the draw play. Positives were our DB’s making plays, the strike RD threw, the execution of the TO pitch, and that Shinego and Doyle got some touches.

    Mike – only this year did I really pay attention to our blocking. I watched some highlights from years past before the NIU game last night…man, our 2008 blocking from the line to the A’s to the WR’s is just plain poor.

  24. gonavy83

    On the blocking, I watched the GT clinic against Miami last week and a lot of those big runs were set up by terrific downfield blocking. Reminded me of the Emerald bowl run by Polanco (where he vaulted over a defender on the ground) – watching the blocking on that play was a pleasure, and I wish we could see some of that this year. Bottom line, our outside blocking is the reason our the pitch part of the game is not working. GoalieLax above mentioned an example, but I took to watching every pitch play again just to see and it was consistent – wiffing, not getting them on the ground and sometimes just running by the defender like someone downfield was more important – I don’t get that one…

  25. Greg

    QB Statistics – just stats – admitedly not fair to any of the QB’s (since they have no control of the defense) but interesting nonetheless

    Kaipo – 8 quarters played – Navy 64 – Opponents 41
    Bryant – 25 quarters played – Navy 139 – Opponents 193
    Dobbs – 11 quarters played – Navy 97 Opponents 23

  26. Greg

    I could be off by a play or two in my choosing who got credit for playing a quarter and obviously this analysis is not scientific as Bryant gets credit for 2 blocked punts at Air Force but loses credit for ND blocked kick etc … OT was included as a 4th quarter stat ….

  27. gonavy83


    Unfortunately, that is not what I saw, it looked more like what Mike showed in his “blocking the wrong guys” tutorial.

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