Thank God yesterday’s games were a lot better than the stinkers we got on Thanksgiving. Today should be as good. Virginia-Virginia Tech! Georgia-Georgia Tech! South Carolina-Clemson! Florida-Florida State! Bedlam! Civil War! And if you hate the very idea of defense, Houston-Rice!

What are you watching?


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  1. Pitt/West Virginia (yes, I was rooting for Pitt), Nebraska/CU (go Huskers), LSU/Arkansas, BS/FS-wasn’t too excited to see Boise State blow FS out of the water

    Today…Virginia vs Virginia Tech. This is tough. I want UVA to win because I’d rather play them in the Bowl game, but I have more ties to VA Tech plus daughter goes to W&M and they really DON’T like UVA

    GA Tech/ GA…still carrying a grudge…Go Dawgs

    Pretty neutral about the rest as long as it’s good football!

  2. I’m watching the JV against UGA! Checking the scoreboard for UVA-VATECH!

  3. Don’t forget about NC State-Miami too. Lots of games for Navy fans to watch today.

  4. i am one DirecTV box short…lots of channel flipping for me

    cheering for UVA, Ga Tech, and NC State

  5. Not a great start for the Jackets.

  6. not at all…not sure what the story is with the 2 illegal shift calls…had to restart my DirectTV DVR and can’t rewind just yet

  7. but they def sent a lower-level ACC crew to this game…not good for GA Tech

  8. Clemson & NC State up early…

  9. GT’s defense looks flat as hell


  11. …and then the special teams screw-up

  12. no doubt…i was sitting there wondering if the rain would cause problems…place kicking has been the worst aspect of GT football this year

  13. man, uga is getting away with TONS on holding on these runs…every 10+ moreno run has been sprung by a hold

  14. yeesh…PJ needs to get his offense going in this drive…can’t let this game get away early

  15. You’re going to see a reverse here before too long.

  16. How is that not a horse-collar penalty??

  17. Nice drive.

  18. Bad call to go for 2 though

  19. Wow, all 3 ACC games are a possibility here. Navy-Virginia still in play!

  20. yeah – terrible no call on the horse collar

    wow – terrible tackling there

  21. Man, the celebrated GT defense is looking pretty crummy…

  22. PJ needs to get bobby bowden on these refs at the half and light them up over these no-calls on holds

  23. well, the secondary is probably the weakest part of the tech defense…they haven’t faced a QB or 2 WR’s like UGA has. they’ve been able to overcome their youth so far, but not looking so hot (other than the pick 6)

  24. nesbitt blew that read

  25. clemson is taking south carolina out behind the proverbial woodshed

  26. Guard couldn’t get his assignment on the ground.

  27. yeah, i rewound and saw the missed cut after i posted that…

  28. of course, they call the hold the one freaking time GT does it, but have let UGA mug GT all day long (save for the one that HAD to be called)

  29. GT’s offensive line is not playing well at all.

  30. no, they’re not

    if GT can make it into the locker room at 21-12, it’s a gift

  31. ugh

    the rout is on

  32. brother just texted me that sylvester croom is out.

  33. these cbs guys are terrible (sorry trev)…the difference in intentional grounding there was nesbitt was out of the pocket and threw it away…stafford was falling down moving away from the line of scrimmage and flung the ball over his shoulder while he was in the pocket

    if you can’t tell the difference between the two plays, you have no business in CFB

  34. it is easier to take navy talent in a first season and beat army talent than it is to take GT talent in a first season and beat a top 15 team’s talent

  35. seriously. how guys who actually know the game are squeezed out– like pete medhurst– just baffles me. although i like trev too.

  36. i really like trev…when he was in Navy’s booth…the SEC homerism and just bad calls he’s making have taken an edge off my man love for him

  37. The Houston-Rice game might be the longest game ever. OMG that’s going to be so high scoring.

  38. so what do you think PJ will do here in the 2nd half?

  39. well, that’s how you start a 2nd half


  41. more like

    BEE awesome


  42. They’ve been trying that play all game, and it was open if they could just block someone. They finally did!

  43. indeed

    i would also like to add that I love dwyer’s stride when he gets on it…kind of reminds me of a stockier kaipo with the long strides

  44. Hey a good PAT!

  45. wow, pj lit a fire under their asses at the half



  46. UVA goal-line stance hold!

  47. That was straight up Ringling Bros.

  48. big 3 and out for GT there

    should have had the safety thou

  49. i would also like to point out here that stafford is the ugliest big time QB since i don’t know when…maybe john elway

  50. Tonight’s going to be so crazy. Bedlam, Civil War, and Navy basketball. I have two sisters that went to Radford, so I’d appreciate it if the Mids could kep the streak going.

  51. PJ spreading out UGA’s 4-4 with the trips formation.

    Dammit Clemson don’t choke.

  52. More experienced QB would’ve faked the pitch there…

  53. yes it would have been a good time for the fake pitch

  54. Just FYI, UGA’s playing PJ the same way Army does.

  55. WOOT

    the rout is off!

  56. AHHHH!!! TD TECH!!!!!!



  58. AWESOME play call

    lol look at PJ gettin’ fired up

  59. That TD was like the Zerb TD against ARMY last year!

  60. WOOT army navy

  61. OMG

  62. HELL YES


  64. PJ >>>>>>> Richt

    talk about making adjustments

  65. BO may know everything else, but PJ knows rivalries!!!!!!

  66. now i just hope tech’s defense can keep it up


  68. tech’s defense is doing a good job vs the run…moreno under 4 yards per carry

  69. By the way, this offense can’t work in the BCS conferences. Too much speed in the SEC!

  70. Watch this 10 min drive!

  71. Wow… pretty impressive student there

  72. the great thing is that he’s cutting up UGA with first year talent…TO making a comeback in CFB? yes please

  73. No thanks… I love it, but it wouldn’t do Navy much good.

  74. the mentalist is so dreamy – rofl

  75. yeah, i know…but it’s just so much fun to watch

  76. you can have him, i’ll take Bones!


  78. lol at SEC defensive speed

  79. what kind of play was that? looked horrible

  80. 2 down territory for PJ here

  81. The trips formation is forcing Georgia to shift their D, leaving the short side of the field open.


  83. oh man, the tackle slowed up there…would have had the first down

  84. LOL at the tackle trying to get shifty instead of lowering his head on the DB.


  86. We used to practice that play all the time. Glad to see it finally used!

  87. This is the right call

  88. FG good…26 unanswered points in less than 15 mins…awesomeness

  89. VT 17 UVA 14 6 min left

  90. uga’s been hitting the slants all day long…looks like watching a navy game

  91. Virginia is hurting us, but I’d be pretty happy with Navy-NC State.

  92. NC State travels pretty well to bowl games…throw in the fact DC is a 5 hour drive from raleigh, could be a good scene for the first congressional bowl

  93. speaking of virginia tech, how lucky are they that GT came to them in the 3rd game of the season. play that game today, and no way in hell does VT win



  95. NC State would be awfully attractive to Charlotte if UNC goes to a bowl with an earlier pick.

  96. big defensive stand yet again…close to another pick

  97. Ok, ok; now is that 10 min drive!

  98. Well, UVA just blew it

  99. yeah – UNC finishes at best 4-4 in conference…so many teams at 4-4 no telling who we would get

  100. PJ, what’s with the play calls there…seemed too conservative to me…hit that outside that’s killed them so fat

  101. If Peach takes someone else, maybe GT to Gator? :pray

  102. terrible special teams play yet again puts UGA in great position

  103. Peach would most likely take FSU from what I hear…AJC talks a lot about a GT-Nebraska Gator bowl

  104. OMFG I would die.

    Goalielax you’re coming to Jax if that happens.

  105. KJ Choi is leading the skins game………
    Yeah I know no one cares!

  106. lol dotbone

  107. i would seriously consider the drive down to Jax for the bowl game. it would be awesome to go to both the navy ang gt bowl games (yes i’ll be at RFK on the 20th)

  108. not a catch…ball hit the ground

  109. uga needs hedspeth

  110. man GT really blew it on the 4th down play there…no outside coverage

  111. Game is on again. PJ better answer!

  112. he let go of the collar on purpose … shioulda just gone ahead and pulled him down the way it was not called earlier

  113. i was just telling my brother the same thing

  114. Third time’s a charm: 10 min drive?

  115. man, special teams play let UGA into the game…that was a terrible punt that set up the short field…time for PJ to hit the outside again

  116. crud…nesbitt down

  117. uh oh

  118. let’s see how jaybo handles it…need an drive here badly

  119. navy recruited jaybo

  120. don’t get why PJ has run these last two series between the tackles when the outside has been killer in the 2nd half…but that’s why i’m not a coach

  121. i’ve seen jaybo a lot…i like him, but nesbitt is a better athlete right now

    huge 1st down there

  122. how the hell do the refs miss that facemask?

  123. quagmire like conditions? GIGGIDY!

  124. HOLY CRAP

  125. HOLY CRAPOLA!!!

    TD TECH!!!!

    lol i hit the wordpress flood control!

  126. Well, they didn’t need that 10 min drive!

  127. Johnson needs to channel his inner-Weis and bend GaTech over for a contract extension

  128. lol
    400 yards rushing

  129. time for the big defense to show up again

  130. man, tech is getting murdered on that play

  131. wow – GT secondary FAILBOAT

  132. wow – UGA clock management FAIL

  133. how has tech still not made the def3ensive adjustments to cover that play? i swear that screen has accounted for half of UGA’s yards

  134. holy crap, GT’s secondary has been nothing short of terrible today

  135. Man, keeping it exciting…

  136. So with NC State and Clemson winning, Wake has to be off the table. It has to end up being BC or NC State.

  137. Well its time for PJ to call some pass plays!

  138. BC is off the table if they beat Maryland, too. There’s your rooting guide.

  139. yeah, you have to think wake falls out of all the ACC bowls with 10 eligible teams…they just don’t have a fan base to support taking them over any of the other 4-4 teams

    this game is killing me…

  140. Nice return!

  141. what a fantastic return there…big rn by dwyer on 1st down

  142. gotta have a 1st down here…2 mins is too much time for uga the way the tech secondary has been playing

  143. NICE

  144. that’s gonna be ball game folks…uga can only stop the clock once more

  145. please god don’t let me have spoken too soon

  146. BALL



  147. After GT’s win last week, I was pretty sure the TO had officially established itself in Atlanta. After 400 plus yards on the ‘Dawgs, I am certain they have established themselves. They are going to be stupid good next year.

  148. he wont dare pitch it right?


  150. HAHAHA

    ACC! ACC! ACC!


  151. Nice game, but where were the passes!


  153. it will never work against a big fast SEC defense

  154. Anybody here live in Maryland? For some reason, they have “blacked out” the Florida-FSU game.

  155. Mike:

    For your students, can you give us an idea of what changes PJ made for the 2nd half of this game?

  156. I’d have to watch the game again to get specific, but he used the trips formation to force Georgia to shift to the strong side of the field. That opened up outside runs on the weak side.

  157. lol houston & rice are already tied at 7


  159. man oh man

    too bad the ACC doesn’t use the Big XII’s BCS rankings tie breaker system

    VT going to the championship game is a freaking joke

  160. Time to watch Boston College.

  161. Tebow just Eckeled some FSU safety

  162. PJ’s halftime adjustments are just amazing. The man is simply the best coach in college football.

  163. LOL

    what a sack!

  164. If you/ve got DirectTV, Fla-Fla State is on 211 (ESNa)

  165. In Florida it’s on ABC

  166. yeah…depending on markets, the games get shifted to the secondary (non-HD) ESPN channels

  167. BC playing some tough defense

  168. LOL

    12:00 left in the second quarter and it’s already 28-14 Rice over Houston

  169. Baylor and THE UBERMENSCH are hanging in against Texas Tech.

  170. …and of course, Navy fans should all keep an eye on Baylor….

  171. WOOOO BC

  172. Speaking of Eckel, he got some mop-up yds Thurs!

  173. Yeah, I found FSU-FL on the ESPN alternate. Of course, it’s not in HD, which means I will watch BC/MD. Grambling and Southern are in HD, but FSU/FL are not. Nice work ESPN.

  174. Baylor hits the A-pop!



  176. Rice up 35-21 at halftime. lulz

  177. BC on the move again

  178. BC on the move again

  179. ACC’s worst nightmare…another VT-BC championship game

  180. LOL

    they can blame it on Jacksonville if they want, but it’s not going to look any better in Tampa.

  181. And Rice scores again! 56-28!

  182. Dear Navy:

    Thank you for Paul Johnson.


    Georgia Tech

  183. Following this thread throughout the day has been as entertaining as actually watching the games.

    Looks like BC is officially out of the picture now. I would’ve preferred to see Florida State in the ACC championship game, but for Navy’s sake I’m happy with the outcome.

    Speaking of the championship, too bad GT can’t be in it over VT. GT/BC would’ve been far more entertaining to watch, I think.

    Random note: Much as I like Auburn, their lack of offense makes me cringe slightly. And I hope Phil Fulmer can come out with a win in his last game.

    Almost time to watch ND get pwned.

  184. Oregon State is breaking my heart.

  185. Basketball headed to OT!

  186. Navy wins! CRAZY game.

  187. Maybe if Pete the God could keep his team up throughout the year in the Pac-Easy; it wouldn’t matter!

  188. Jesus that screenshot of the VT-BC game looks about as packed as a state high school quarterfinal game…probably not exactly what the ACC had in mind when it let in Miami, BC, and VT so it could (try to) become a super-conference with a championship game.

  189. Watched many games today – congrats to GT – nice to see the triple option works against a good SEC team with 2 weeks of prep! PJ is the best at halftime adjustments we’ve ever seen!

    I know this sounds crazy but is there ANY chance we could get MD in the bowl since they finshed at 7-5? The bowls get to pick in the order which is pre-determined but since MD isn’t known for traveling that well do we have a chance to get them in DC (even though I know that would HATE it)? Wasn’t it 2 years ago when they tried to stay away from Charlotte and now they seem to want to go there? Hmmm irony!

  190. MD already said they wouldn’t go to DC because it interfered with exams.

  191. I guess our only hope (for those of us who still take grief at work from MD fans) is that none of the other bowls choose MD for their game because of the MD fan numbers. I do like the playing of the “student athlete card” by MD though :-)

    Am I correct that the bowls pick in order but don’t have to pick the highest ranked team in conference etc?

    Looks like we’ll be playing Notre Dame next year with a new coach … hopefully we can repeat last year with Dobbs at the helm!

    Beat Army!

  192. It won’t matter. We need a miracle not to be stuck with Wake Forest.

  193. Hey ND played tough (hahaha) if USC wanted they could have laid em out by 60 points and they should have!

  194. Would Wake accept and play us again? Does anyone else here -hope not?
    If not then what options-at large MAC team?
    I could not see large Wake turnout in a cold December day.

    I have to laugh when these teams say they cant make a Bowl game due to exams- yeah ok thats a friggin riot.

    Basically they are saying “we dont want or need your little pity bowl” its not enough for us to even open up the invite.
    Or also in MD case- we want no part of playing that Navy team because its a “non win” situation for us anyway.

  195. We need a miracle not to be stuck with Wake Forest.

    Or a wheeling and dealing AD. Gee, I wish we had one of those.

  196. I don’t understand how we would be stuck with Wake. I have done the math, and it seems like MD, Miami, NC State, and Wake would be 7/8/9/10 in the ACC pecking order, now that BC can’t slip to us. I figure the Emerald and Humanitarian will take MD and Miami, and the Eagle Bank would have to drunk not to take NC State over wake. What am I missing?

  197. Wake is 7-5. NC State is 6-6. 6-6 teams can’t be selected ahead of teams with a winning record. Even with a wheeling & dealing AD, it’ll take an exception to NCAA rules to make it happen.

  198. the NCAA rule is for at-large berths. conferences make the rules for their own tie ins (it’s how a 7-5 ND team could have gone to the Gator Bowl over a 8-4 Big XII team

  199. The 6-6 rule isn’t just for at-large berths.

  200. I guess you are right. However, the ACC wants absolutely nothing to do with bowl rematches, so I would not be surprised if they “convinced” the Humanitarian Bowl to take Wake. Let’s face it, Miami and Maryland are not going to bring many more fans to Boise than Wake.

    Wow…Clemson is pretty fortunate that they played those two 1-AA games.

  201. I agree that nobody wants a rematch. Avoiding one will take some effort.

  202. Al in all a nice spot to be in thinking about who we would want to see play us in a Bowl w game.

  203. you’re right…thou the ACC does have rules for it’s bowls that stipulates a bowl can take a team within one win of the best available team, the NCAA did make that 7-5 rul applicable to conference bowls

  204. WOW!!!! The SID’s (aka the coaches poll) just did Texas without a kiss. I thought only the writers were always drunk!

  205. um, no…the Big XII did Texas over.

    they made the stupid rules that allows their title game to be decided by computers (since human polls pretty much said it was a toss-up).

    the SEC has a stipulation that in a scenario like this one, the head to head matchup is the tie breaker when the BCS rankings are within 5 spots of one another.

    blame the conference, not the pollsters. and please don’t tell me that Texas has been the better team since the UT-OK game…if you honestly think that, you’re the one who is drunk

  206. TBD, what do you think now about bowl opponent. I think it’ll be Miami or NCSt. Looks like the ACC is maneuvering to get NCSt in somewhere and will try to place a more attractive team in a non ACC bowl somewhere. NCState might not look so good at 6-6 to other bowls but DC Bowl would probably be happy to have them. Thoughts?

  207. Mike – Sometime in the future you might want to start a discussion on alternatives to the current BCS system. Most of us could suggest an eight or even 16 team playoff system using the current bowl system. There are MANY advantages and MANY disadvantages to changing the system (including the likelyhood that Navy would not be going to as many bowl games in the future). I think it would make for an interesting discussion – and help pass the time between football seasons.

  208. gish– I have a hard time believing it’ll be Miami. Neither Miami or Wake Forest have much of a traveling reputation, but Miami has a better name-brand cachet for bringing in local fans. Maryland played in San Francisco last year, so I imagine that Miami would be pretty attractive to the Emerald Bowl. NC State would be great for the DC Bowl, and I’d love to play them. I haven’t seen anything more than speculation, though. I know all sides are trying hard to avoid the rematch.

    Dave, I’d rather play Wake Forest in every bowl game for the rest of my life than switch to a playoff.

  209. Mike, what do you make of the fate of Georgia Tech this season? Aside from being thrilled that Paul Johnson has had such amazing success, I am sad that the close loss to Virginia Tech is what kept them, the better team, out of the ACC title game. I just hope they slaughter whoever they play in their bowl (probably the Gator Bowl).

  210. according to the ACC blog on ESPN.com, there is a clause in the contract Navy has with the congressional bowl that eliminates a rematch game

    interesting to see how it all pans out next weekend


  211. If that was the case, Stras probably would’ve broadcasted it from the mountaintops by now. I don’t know if she’s right or not, but given her past coverage of Navy-related matters I’ll wait for someone other than Dinich to verify this.

  212. heather has been excellent at ACC coverage…i can’t fault her for missteps concerning Navy during her first year at this

    now, that Watson chick that covers Independents and Non-BCS…she’s pretty bad re: Navy

  213. GL: Just because she called us “cadets”. I guess that is what you get with journalists instead of reporters.

  214. Please don’t get TBD started on a playoff. PLEASE.

    TBD still believes that major college football still has a soul.

  215. Ok – I retract my suggestion. We can talk about which class had the toughest plebe year instead. I remember the time ….

  216. GL– Dinich used to cover Maryland for the Baltimore Sun. Definitely not her first year.

  217. Wags is on the “no rematch” clause now – could we really be looking at a match-up with Da U?

  218. Yeah, I was about to add that to her credit, it appears Dinich was correct.

    I’m a little surprised that such a clause is even possible given that the game has the last pick of ACC teams. I wonder if it could also mean that the DC Bowl’s ACC spot might become an at-large bid. It would seem like bad business for the ACC to keep its bowl partners from selecting the teams they want. Navy-Louisiana Tech here we come!

  219. no way does Miami fall to the 9th bowl

    if people are really going to write off a sportswriter because they called a student body by the wrong name once, i guess that’s their prerogative

  220. Maryland??? Can’t Maryland football players take their finals on Monday the 22nd? or before the game? Selling out the bowl in its first year would certainly be good for local area football (even though it might not help the tourism aspect that much) but seriously how many Terps are going to travel to the Blue Field?

    I want Maryland! Strass just put out articles that NC State will NOT get one of the ACC bowls …

  221. the wrong name once is unacceptable! remember attention to detail!

  222. Never underestimate the power that these conference have. Yes, the bowls have “choices,” but in the end, the conference holds all the cards because they control future contracts.

    The ACC will find a way to place at least 9 teams while avoiding a Navy/Wake rematch, at least that’s my prediction.

  223. If that was true the MCC Bowl would never have done an end-around on the Big East to grab us in 2006.

  224. If there is a clause in our contract prohibiting rematches, it is one more BZ for Chet. It may be awkward for the ACC but they will figure out something. It appears that Navy has been a good business partner over the last few years. We fill seats. (Three years ago I went to the Duke game in Raleigh. It was their homecoming. I believe there were as many Navy fans as Duke fans.) I’m sure they want to make us happy.

  225. I know the Wake clause makes this a non-issue, but would you rather see a Navy-Wake rematch or a game like Navy-LaTech, Navy-(MACteam). I would rather see Navy play anyone other than a Wake rematch. We have virtually nothing to gain from it. Who are the bowl eligible teams that don’t have a game to play in?

  226. LA Tech? Despite the bad vibes about a rematch wouldnt it be best for us to have the chance to beat them again as opposed to beating some nameless or worse yet LOSING to some nameless team like a LA Tech?
    What happened to the spirit of playing the best.

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