236 people voted in last week’s poll that asked who was the Navy MVP for the first week of December. Of those 236, only 9 of you voted for a basketball player. Actually only 8 of you did, since one of those votes was mine. I expected football to dominate the voting, but holy guacamole, not this much. For shame, for shame. I suppose I have nobody to blame but myself, since 99% of what I talk about is football. But football season ends this week. You n00bs better start getting acquainted with your basketball team, because they’ve sipped from the fountain of awesome. Would you have voted for Kaleo Kina if you knew that he would get the nod for his third consecutive Patriot League Player of the Week award this week? Meh, probably not. But you’ll see. You’ll all see. Anyway, after running neck and neck with Kaipo and Nate Frazier for most of the week, Shun White and his beard pulled ahead in the final day of voting to get the win in the super-official Birddog poll. I approve, if for no other reason than to annoy the people who complain about the beard.

Moving right along… Bowl week is upon us, and I’m pretty giddy about the trip. I’m over the case of rematch rage I had when the Wake Forest matchup was officially announced. It’s been replaced with a feeling of optimism about the game,  looking forward to the weekend, and seeing Annapolis again. Even with a rematch, you just can’t get around the fact that bowl game trips are fun. Some people might not have been too excited about a trip to Washington either, but given the economic nosedive of the last few months, this game has been a real case of serendipity for Annapolis-area Navy fans. All of a sudden a drive to Washington looks a lot more appealing than a flight to San Francisco for most people.

But is it more appealing to you? This week’s question is simple: are you going to the EagleBank Bowl?


  1. David

    I’ll be there. Easy drive from Annapolis and like you said, not that expensive. Thanks for a good blog this season. And here’s some interesting news, CollegeFootballNews.com ranked Navy 35th in the nation using their “CFN Formula.” Not too shabby, considering we lost .25 points for a “bad win” against Army (or any other team that only one 3 games all season).

  2. usnamom

    Absolutely! Plus, our 08 graduate and a group of his 5th Company buddies are using the game as a mini-reunion. He’s excited to get the chance to see Navy play in person..he’s been in Corpus Christi all fall. Our William and Mary daughter is thrilled…she’s been following Navy football down in Williamsburg this year

  3. Moose '95

    I leave tomorrow, my first TRUE vacation in over a year, i.e. minus wife and kid. I’m coming all the way form SD so Navy better not blow it! BTW, to you newlyweds or about to be married folks, when your wife screws up your plane tickets and books it for the wrong week, just grin and be supportive. Rage on the inside, it’s safer that way. You chould get off your lazy ass and book the flight yourself, but that would take effort, so NAH!

  4. 70dave

    Your poll doesn’t apply to me, I’ll be sitting in my congressman’s local office interview young men and women who want nominations to the service academies and won’t even be able to watch. I’ll catch you next year in Houston, KN and the team willing

  5. seafox

    No, us Northwestern’ers will have to get up early to get the wood stoves going, and gather ’round the Satellite TV. Just hoping that our sub-arctic, below zero temperatures haven’t moved that far East by game time!

    P.S.-Because we are gathering for a local kickoff time of 8:00am, we would have to start an appropriate “Tailgate party” at about 5 o’clock in the morning, here. Just think of Kaipo’s friends and relatives in the Islands. Game time for them IS 5:00am.

  6. Herbal

    Thought about making the XC trip and sitting in Section 522 to try to meet the World Famous Phat.

    I decided a warm leather recliner, ESPN HD, and an afternoon bike ride on the PCH in sunny SoCal weather was more appealing–and, yes, cheaper.

    But, as we have for the last several years, we will help Chet by donating a few tickets.

    Thanks, Mike, for the great recap of the A-N game (and all of this season’s games).

  7. football dad dan

    My Divas & I will be there (as always) –> Final game in my son’s Navy Football career.

    Go Navy … Beat Wake Forest!!!

  8. EKW JR

    I’ll be there. 539, with bride, son, and grandson. Only have missed one bowl game so far, the one last year, due to a death in the family.
    Since I live in Fairfax County, it is going to be an easier trip than a Navy home game for me. I expect the parking at RFK to be a breeze compared to NMCMS, especially egress. Although long in the tooth, I think that RFK is a very good venue for this game.

  9. PMurphy444

    Love reading your blog -started last year and I am now addicted. Life long UNSA fan due to my grandfather taking me to the A/N game at JFK since I was 5 (1970). I live in Philly and I am taking my father, 8yo son and 6yo daughter down to the game. My kids want to know if there is a hill they can slide down in the endzone?!?!!?

  10. NavyJoe

    Post game festivities — what are people planning on doing after the game? I am looking for a place in DC (bar/restaurant) to lead a group of people after the game.

  11. Nicole

    Unfortunately (barring some last minute change of plans), I won’t be at the bowl game. Pretty bummed about it, but looking at Saturday’s forecast is making me feel slightly better.

    Ah who am I kidding, it’s not. I’ll be watching at home though, for sure.

    Go Navy, beat Wake (again)!

  12. Not going to be there, although it has more to do with other stuff going on that day. I am going to make every effort to watch it live since all games I watch on DVR have resulted in huge comeback (attempts).

  13. goebs

    Saturday looks to be the only decent day of the weekend – rain Friday & Sunday. Will be cool, but good football weather.

    Looks like I’ll be leaving Detroit Thurs evening now – 4 to 8 inches on the way early Friday morning. At least the auto industry is doing well…

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