1. Yanger1994

    “Has anyone ever actually stopped at South of the Border?”

    /raises hand

    After high school graduation, 2 car loads drove down to the Disney World to celebrate – made the stop at SOTB.

    Wasn’t all that lol.

    Drive safe Mike.

  2. Dave'69

    SOTB – the eastern version of Wall Drug Store, Wall, SD – or is Wall Drug Store the Western version of SOTB? One was sucessful because of ice water; the other because of booze. Been to them both! If you live in the south, you must make at least one trip to Graceland and stop at SOTB if you have kids in the car.

  3. football dad dan

    NavyJoe, … Used to stop there when driving from NORVA to Cocoa to see my folks (so the boys could pick up good fireworks). Gas relatively cheap & heads sanitary, … but never ate @ any of the eaterys.

    GO NAVY … Beat WF!!!

  4. 150Punts

    Spring Break ’97. Should not, repeat, should not have had the food there. Ended up seeing it twice if you know what I mean.

    Great photo ops with the sombreros, though.

    Beat da Deacs.

  5. usmc53

    Beat Wake!
    I saw a few of Wake’s players wandering around downtown DC today. They looked weak! I could have taken them myself…if I had felt like it, you know.

  6. bluebear75

    Mike, are you there yet? Wish I could go. BTW, do they still have “Waffle House” restaurants off of the highways back up and down the southeast. Been a while since I’ve been there….just hanging out, out here in the Pacific for a while now. BEAT WAKE !!!! I’m still excited about the matchup, even though I’m a horrible person. :) BEAT WAKE AGAIN !!!!!

  7. EKW JR


    Be comforted….Waffle Houses are alive and well all along the I-95 corridor from at least Jacksonville up to Richmond…

  8. EightyFiver

    Took the deposition of a witness who lived a few miles from SOTB, in beautiful Dillon, SC. Drove to Raleigh afterwards to fly home. Stopped at SOTB to find something to eat. Regretted it.

  9. NavyJoe

    I am getting pumped for the game. I even walked over to the ESPN Zone last night from the office to see the team arrive (I also had a few beers before heading home).

  10. Waffle Houses are alive and well all along the I-95 corridor from at least Jacksonville up to Richmond

    I can confirm that there are several Waffle Houses (aka Awful Waffle) in the greater Richmond area. You don’t even need to be close to I-95 to find them.

  11. Gary

    Any word on overall ticket sales for each school and expected turn out?
    I have not seen anything about alloted tickets sold out and usually the last few years I recall seeing that pretty early?

  12. Gary

    I think we will be siing the uniforms they wore for the Army game (unfortunately) as in a ? to AD it was mentioned we will see those 1 more time in 09- so there it is.
    Sux because nothing ever beats the classic ones we have always worn and unless they can add anchor to the helmet it was not that great to look at for me anyway.
    Stop already with the Nike movement to “CHANGE”.

  13. Dave'69

    Gary – I liked the uniforms and I liked the results even more. Some players MAY think it was a good omen and look forward to wearing them again. Check out the letter from a marine that Bill Wagner posted on his blog a few days ago. He makes several good points.
    team team, damn team! — ditto!

  14. Gary

    Thanks Dave- will do.

    Great that we sold out as usual!
    Wish I were there- the one time we get a Bolw nice and close and I am having major issues with $ and expenses-Damn. You are gonna have a great time and as game gets closer I am more confident we can pull of a second win (not so sure at first).

    Wonder what size crowd they are considering “for success”? While 40-45,000 would have been nice that may be a stretch- but weathers looking pretty good from what I see.

  15. El Cid '85

    Officially seat capacity for this game is listed at 43,500. Navy sold all of their allotment (16,000) and asked for 8,000 more. Wake was close to selling out their allotment (heard that was only 6,000). I think 30,000 plus alot like a home game at NMC stadium.

    “For a bowl to keep its license from the NCAA, it must maintain a three-year average of at least 25,000 fans. The other first-year bowl, the EagleBank Bowl at RFK Stadium in Washington, D.C., announced Wednesday that more than 30,000 tickets have been sold.” http://blogs.tampabay.com/usf/2008/12/st-pete-bowl-up.html

    We should be able to get the game in with no rain. But windy and cold.
    Never been to game at RFK not sure how well it drains. We had 3 or more inches of rain in the last 24 hours here in the DC area.

    After reading the post by Wags about the uniforms, Mrs. El Cid just handed me and early Christmas gift, my own Nike Enforcer uniform. Love the Eagle, Globe and Anchor, and the shoulder boards look better in person than I thought they would.

    Time to brave the cold, the roads, and the metro and head to RFK

    GO NAVY!!! BEAT Wake, AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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