Is anyone else planning on going? Tickets are pretty cheap. If we can get enough of us sitting together, it’d be nice to give Eric his own cheering section.


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  1. When did Ensign Campbell change his name to Sproles?

    OK, that was my last bit of nostalgia.

    BEAT (thee) OSU

  2. i’ll come…even split a room…and will def make a sign…NFL Network?



  3. I think I am in but won’t know for a couple of days. I think Eric will be the one guy going all out — not half-assing it trying to avoid injury … it could be fun

  4. Sorry I can’t be there but I’ll be watching.
    GoalieLax – how about a sign that says

    “Eric Kettani – Going to the REAL PROS”
    with a picture of a Marine Corps or Navy Officer below.
    (I don’t know his service selection.)
    “BEAT OHIO STATE – Sept 5, 2009”
    One of those should get you on TV!

  5. GL– I’ll buy the tix, you find a room. We’ll divvy the costs up once we get there.

    You gotta be there, chbags. This was your idea!

  6. I am gonna be there –I got a guy I fly with that lives there (ex-AFA footballer from the glory days in fact) that lives there and sez he throws a tailgate every year — we will have to throw down with him there — I might also a bead on a nice hotel at off season rates that will surprise you.

  7. Awesome. Hotel doesn’t have to be all that great, though. I’m cheap and not staying very long.

  8. Is the Senior Bowl on Saturday or Sunday that weekend? FWIW Army-Navy Basketball is on that Sunday, ESPNU I believe.

  9. Saturday the 24th. I might watch the basketball game in Mobile.

  10. the first Army game is on the “U”? I knew the Star game in Feb is to be on CBS. The tip will be at 3PM local in Mobile and then 6PM for the football game. Will do some research and find a place with the “U” near the stadium.

  11. The football and basketball games are on different days.

  12. ahhh — I was going by the little card schedule I got at the home Howard game. It said the 24th — did they change it to Sunday 25Jan for ESPNU?

  13. Yes

  14. Senior Bowl is always Saturday. If anyone goes look our for me, I’m the small girl on the sideline, I have to work, yuck.

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