Now that vacations are over and it’s back to the blogging grind, it’s time to get back to the polls, too. In today’s poll, we pay homage to the forward pass. Even though Navy has earned its reputation as the nation’s finest running team, this strange and wondrous contraption has also been known to create a big play from time to time. Navy’s slotbacks and wide receivers spend most of their time blocking or running the ball, but they tend to get a lot of bang for their buck when the ball is passed their way.

So today’s question is: who made the most of those opportunities? Since 2002, who do you think is Navy’s best receiver? Or maybe I should say “catcher of passes” instead of “receiver” so people don’t think I’m only referring to WRs. Whatever, you get the point.


23 Responses

  1. I voted for Tyree but ERob made the single most awesomest catch that I can remember in the Army Navy game (I think). I would probably vote JT second.

  2. Tyree was the best receiver. The highest rated by the draft gurus. JT had more catches but I don’t think he was as talented. Reggie was the most fun to watch once he got the ball in his hands.

  3. yeah, I agree with both – Tyree was the purest and most talented receiver though he didn’t get as many opportunities to catch the ball as Tomlinson (who I think is second). They both have unreal hands, and both ran great routes, but Tyree also had that speed and was far more explosive.

  4. i actually think that Tyree might be the best receiver that we’ve had at Navy for as far back as I can remember.

  5. Hands-wise, Roberts, Thomlinson and Barnes are at the top IMO and indistinguishable, but when you think about “Pontiac Game Changing Moments” it’s Reggie, in a landslide:

    05 Colorado State – opening play – hello!
    06 UConn – opening play – hello!
    07 ND Dame in OT – adios!

  6. I voted from recall and after I think Jason Tomlinson stood out for me.
    I tried to keep it wide receiver as opposed to slots.
    God Bless Rob Taylor!

  7. Tyree (and it’s not close)

  8. JT!

  9. Tyree

  10. Not nearly enough love being shown for Eric Roberts in the poll.

  11. Agreed, I have him second, but in my mind there is Tyree and then everybody else. Plus, you asked us to vote for first not first and second :)

  12. I expected Tyree to get the most votes, but I sure didn’t expect Roberts to be a distant 5th in the voting. How short are our memories???

  13. As you get older, the memory is the second thing to go. I forget the first.

  14. I think it’s very close between JT and Tyree, but lean towards Barnes.

  15. I am going to have to disagree. It isn’t close. Not at all. Tyree is head and shoulders above JT. Bigger, stronger, faster, better hands. Tyree made some unbelievable catches in his career. JT would not be in my top 5.

  16. No doubt about it, Tyree. Big, strong,and fast. Opposing teams knew he was basically the only option and he still made the plays. There were several times when he got behind the defense but they couldn’t get the ball to him.

  17. Really NI..I thought JT made some huge plays for us, but ok.

  18. Tomlinson

  19. JT did make some huge plays, but the poll was about best catcher of footballs. Tyree has the best hands.

  20. Whoever caught the most balls from JB HAD to have the best hands!

  21. One of the best catches was Marco Nelson catching a long ball against Stanford and doing a 360 after the catch before running into the endzone.

  22. Astor Heaven

  23. I’m a little late with my vote but my three are about the same as everyone else 1. Tyree 2. JT 3. Campbell

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