We don’t know the terms of the original contract, and we don’t know the terms of the extension, so it’s hard to really know what to make of it. But at the very least, we know it’s a good thing.


  1. EKW JR

    This is great news. I keep pulling for KN ‘s teams to continue to excel on the football field because I am convinced he is exactly the kind of man who understands and embraces the mission of the Naval Academy. (Same thing CG said in the release, but I want to say it, too.) I want him to succed and to be the Navy coach for a long, long, long time.

  2. Pete

    While I am happy for KN because he has done a great job, and I do think he gets USNA, I don’t get too excited about this. PJ signed an extension and left the next year. CW signed a huge extension that ended up grossly unwarranted. I don’t think KN has itchy pants to leave, and I think he is a better coach by far than CW. I see this more than anything as one of the more seemly aspects of being a D1 coach – you either get an extension each year or you get fired. Not quite but almost.

  3. Pete

    Okay I just read the press release on and I revise my previous comment to say I am indeed impressed. KN makes a very strong statement about his commitment to Navy and this team.,,,,I don’t remember any of PJs statements ever being that strong, certainly as far as being satisfied coaching just here.

    KN may just be the next great SA coach that stays a long time……with a touch of class to boot.

  4. KoutetsuKaigun

    Pete, I would love to have Coach Niumatalolo stick around until he retires (or becomes useless). I always get a good laugh when I remember him saying “Son of a biscuit!” on the Wired show.

  5. GoalieLax

    so did you listen? did he say anything FDB-like?

    good on chet for rewarding Ken for the season. I think things are in good hands with the two of them working on keeping Navy Football on the right track

  6. Eric


    Unrelated to the new contract, but just had this thought after watching Florida run it several times last night. What’s the chances that Navy could incorporate a play like the shovel pass that Tebow would throw back up the middle as he went towards the outside with a running back? I’m sure there’s a good reason it’s not possible based on blocking schemes or personnel or you-name-it, but I thought the idea of a quadruple option sounded pretty cool. Let me know if I’m completely out there on this one.

  7. There are shovel pass plays in Navy’s playbook, so it isn’t completely out there. Incorporating it as some quadruple-option Frankenplay is, though. If you think of Florida as an option team, the shovel pass is basically their equivalent of the fullback dive in Navy’s option. It isn’t an addition to the triple option; it’s a different way of doing the same thing.

  8. Gary

    Check out ESPN College Football in its “oustide the lines” section for an article about 1963 Cotten Bowl mostly about Navy called Game In The Shadows”.
    Great stuff guys!

  9. Eric

    Makes sense, since UF obviously isn’t a triple option team. I was thinking more along the lines of bringing a non-playside receiver (wouldn’t be too difficult if they’re in the tight formation) back across the middle in trail of the QB and SB. Again, there’s probably something I’m overlooking that would explain why that’s not feasible, but was just thinking of this as a nice change of pace.

  10. GoalieLax

    after watching A LOT of florida football this year, their “option” seems to not be an option at all most of the time, and when it is is often a double option

    for example, there were numerous times last night when tebow gave the ball up the middle to a RB when the read was obvious to keep.

    and i don’t know what was up with meyer last night, but the play calling was frustrating as hell to watch. UF may have thrown on 1st down 10% of the time and often faced 2nd and long on busted running plays

  11. Boomer

    I’ve got to restock my Johnny Walker Black Label…Florida and Navy Football in the same sentence…are you kidding me!!!! Glad to see KN staying for at least another year..he deserves every bit of what he and his staff can get out of the NAAA.

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