1. chbags

    I give the Navy stuff around here …. a few Navy UnderArmour sweatshirts (the young punks love the UA) and I also release a few of the 2007 Nike coaches shirts and other S.O.T.C. II items from stockpile. One item requested but on back orders is the Beanie Baby Bill the Goat — I have one from 2 years ago but I ain’t comin’ up off it till I see it restocked at the MidStore — that’s just how I roll

  2. chbags

    Forgot to add — Seeing your Pamplona picture reminds me of one of the best things I have ever seen on TV – Last year on the first day of the running of the bulls I happened to have landed in Germany on a mission headed to the War. I checked in to the room on the AF Base early enough to find myself channel surfing the local european feeds. Ramstein carries the main Spanish news channel and their coverage was so intense — the 13 second clips on CNN do not do justice. The prerun interviews, shots of security clearing the drunks off the course, and then there must be 30 camera angles for what really only goes on for about 90 seconds. But then they go back over it for about 30 minutes. I just wish I had half a prayer of understanding spanish at the pace they are screaming it.

  3. The running of the bulls is one of those things that even though I’ll never understand it, I’m so glad it actually happens.

    I gave myself the new Nike anchor hat based on the A/N game uniforms. Also gave my wife an EagleBank Bowl t-shirt, because she loves souvenir t-shirts.

  4. Navy86

    “Into the Fire” and the new USNA coffee table picture book that the Alumni Association was shilling.

    My Christmas was more filled with Hood Lacrosse stuff because that’s where son #1 is playing this spring.

  5. Gary

    Actually I was able to locate a book on ebay that I had as a child from 1967-The Army-Navy game and I got a nice copy for myself at a decent cost too.
    To me for something I so loved to read over and over and always kept by my table side at night as a mere child of 13 was so great to see again.
    My son wanted the “alternate” jersey but couldnt locate any.
    Times very tough or might have got some things from the shop like every other year.

  6. Gary

    Off the topic but did anyone catch Eckels great tackle on opening 2nd half kickoff?
    Poor guy- he should get some touches- would love to see what he would do given the chance.
    He looks relegated to a life on special teams – though I have told many Giants fans if he was in there he would give them fits- especially since he is unknown commodity!
    By the way his brother we saw at Wake game certainly not his size but does not happen to play ball does he?
    I thought he had a brother that did play in HS?

  7. jimbear

    My wife told all her family (we’ve been married a little over a year) how I’m a Navy football fan. So I received a Navy football workout T, a Navy raincoat and a Navy star varsity jacket with Bill the Goat on the back, a blue Navy T shirt and a fridge magnet with bill the goat.

    Except for the workout out T I have no idea where I am going to wear this stuff. But let me tell you for Rutgers in NJ come 2011 damn it I am Ready

  8. Peter

    Kevin Eckel (6-1/200) from Haverford, PA./ Archbishop Carroll H.S. is curently at NAPS. He was # 5 and shared FB duties with # 25 Austin Beaty (6-2/215) from Friendswood, Texas/ Friendswood. Both were awesome..but I give AB as significant edge

  9. pipehunter

    Funny you should ask – new Navy flags for the vehicle, Navy ornament for the tree, Navy tailgate beanbag game, some other junk….. and so Mids, Chbags, Jeff Holland, Joe and others can find me in the parking lot, one of those very cool flagpoles complete with US and Navy flags.

  10. football dad dan

    Like chbags, … I’m the Navy Stuff “provider” for friends/family. Did pick up a copy of that Alumni Assoc “From Severn –> the Tides” (?) coffee-table book for myself (and for my Dad), … plus a couple Christmas ornaments for our tree & pewter license plate holder for the new mini-van. Lots of Navy Football shirts, decals, hats for the various kids … + USNA coffe cups for a few selected grown-ups. My little divas already have the free-world’s supply of jerseys/sweat-shirts.
    My Mid always complains of not having enough $$ to “live”, … so He got another “free pass” on not having to buy Academy stuff for anyone. (I think his current OAO got his bowl EBB jersey though???).

  11. Gary

    Pete- Thanks- wow that 6’1 – 200 really throws me as the kid looked nowhere near that to me. I mean the uniforms make them look trimmer anyway- unles he is all sinewy muscle he did not appear as bulky as Kyle.
    But thats great stuff and I look forward to seeing him play.

  12. Moose"95

    I have to provide the Navy stuff as no one else in my family is military except for my wife and as a Navy Chief, she thinks the Academy stuff is “lame.” Her version of Anchors Aweigh makes me want to scream but I’m secretly teaching our son the correct version as well as the non-PC version of Blue and Gold that I learned as a Plebe. I did provide my USMA ’86 grad with plenty of swag I got from the game, then rescued them from the trash. Some people have NO sense of humor.

  13. GoalieLax

    i went to the midstore when i got home to Annapolis and picked up a new standard issue gray hoodie and a Navy Sailing polo. got my mom a navy issue jogging suit there (so my dad could give it to her)

    not navy per se, but my dad got me a j-24 half hull (since that what we sailed on during my first year on VOST)

    so what’s your take on BC firing jags? i’m actually kind of glad they did. he had been there for 2 years, got promoted from within, and was showing that he really was just using BC as a short term stepping stone. everyone had a cow when petrino left atlanta after one year, i don’t think this is that much different. good on you BC

  14. I completely disagree, actually. I think it sends a terrible message to coaches that you will be punished for looking to enhance your career development.

  15. NavyInsider

    Goalie-He wasn’t promoted from within, he came from the Packers and Petrino left in the middle of the season (huge difference)

    That being said we don’t know the agreement between the AD and the coach and the fact that he didn’t even bother to tell the AD he was interviewing was grounds for a firing in my opinion and I don’t believe he should get his money for the remaining years. Why are contracts only one way?

  16. usnamom

    Navy gift from Christmas (trying to get back on Topic)

    Two panoramic photographs from the 2007 Navy/Air Force game at USNA. One of the entire Brigade after the march-on and the other of Matt Harmon getting ready to kick a field goal in the North end zone. Each photograph is 41 1/2 inches long and 16 1/2 wide, framed and matted…just great! Our son was a cannoneer and we can actually see him in both photographs

  17. pills91

    I only gave Navy gifts this year…

    Each son got a Navy hat. They were both excited about it. I had ordered some of the Nike football t-shirts, but, they were sold out.

  18. Mom– No topic here. That’s the beauty of open threads!

    Insider– Good point. Who knows what arrangements they had. Still, it’s a pretty crummy situation on the surface.

  19. usnamom

    gonavy921…is that the one with the old program covers from the Vistor’s Center? We bought three calendars, framed each “month” and gave them out as Christmas presents…they fit beautifully in an 11×14 frame.

    I had to get it because there’s a cover from the 1941 game between Navy and William and Mary. I gave one to my son (Navy) and one to my daugher (W&M)

    Mike…true, true…it must be the teacher in me coming out!

  20. NavyInsider

    Guess he won’t be at Seattle, they just hired Greg Knapp. Maybe BC shot themselves in the foot and maybe not. I’ve heard he wanted to go back to the NFL and hated recruiting.

  21. T.J.

    Nike “fouled anchor” hat that was introduced at the A/N game. I realize it probably won’t be considered cool because every mid now has one (like plebe-issue “N” ballcaps), but I like it.

  22. jgish

    What kind of coach is BC going to attract now? Jags had two good seasons and he will be just fine, but any potential new BC coach is going to ask some tough questions of the AD.

    I have a friend who has been to all of the worlds “big parties”. Mardi Gras, Pamplona, Festivale, Carnivale, etc. and he says that Pamplona during that week is the single most insane thing he’s ever seen.

    I have imposed a moratorium on Navy gear for a while. I have gotten out of control at SOTC the last 2 years.

  23. Missed this yesterday:

    Kevin Houston was one of Army’s greatest roundball players, and played about the same time as David Robinson. His senior year, he was the NCAA leading scorer in the nation, which was a mixed blessing: yes, he was an amazing shooting guard, but sometimes there’s a reason why one is accounting for 60% of his team’s points!

    The match-up between Houston and Robinson should have inspired a Gene Hackman or Nick Nolte movie: 5’11” Houston against 7-footer Robinson, a heavily favored Navy team against an Army team with a lot of problems. Every single game came down to the wire… and Navy won every single one of them.

    Anyway, Kevin’s wife died this week after a long and painful struggle with scleroderma, a disease that basically shuts down all of your organs.

    Please keep the Houston family in your prayers as they work through this.

    In lieu of flowers, the family has requested that donations be made, in Liz’s name, to The Scleroderma Foundation, Tri-State Chapter,
    59 Front Street, Binghampton, New York 13905. Or, alternatively, contributions may be sent to help a fund being set up to provide
    college tuition assistance for their three children. For this effort, checks may be made out to “Friends of Liz & Kevin”, c/o Bill & Cathy Guerci,
    595 Blauvelt Road, Pearl River, New York 10965.

  24. GoalieLax

    Mike – not sure if you know this or not, but the BC AD didn’t find out about Jags interviewing with the Jets until he heard the media talking about it. When the AD tried to get in touch with Jags, his phone calls weren’t returned.

    There’s a big difference between interviewing for jobs and going behind your boss’ back.

    Jags did the latter and deserves to be fired for it. And I think if you want to spend the time to read on it, a lot of the media agrees.

  25. pipehunter

    Interesting question is whether Jags will fight for his compensation per his contract, or just walk away. I wonder whether simply interviewing breaches the contract – I doubt it. If that is the case, then perhaps BC did shoot themselves in the foot from a financial standpoint.

    OTOH, it would be hard to believe they did not have counsel take a careful look at the contract before pulling the trigger.

  26. GoNavy83

    Back to the original topic, my daughter made a fleece “Navy” blanket for me, Navy pattern on one side, with a gold back. I already have 25 assorted shirts, jackets, jerseys, shorts, etc, so she had to figure out what to get the man who has everything!

  27. GoalieLax

    the only other thing i’ll say on the whole BC vs Jags situation

    I DO think that the BC AD has an inflated vision of his own school and the program they have there. Tom O’Brien took the job at NC State because he had
    1) virtually no fan support at BC (it’s why BC always gets the worst possible bowl in the ACC hierarchy…they just don’t travel)
    2) their facilities are far behind what other schools are building (Chuck Amato got stadium expansions, field houses, practice fields, etc all out of recruiting Philip Rivers…BC had Matty Ice and got just about nada because they can’t sell tickets even when they’re getting division championships and 10 win seasons)
    3) he had hit the competitive ceiling at BC (for the most part). BC is never going to be a destination for top recruits, no matter how well they do record wise. recruits want to go to warm climates, not bundle up for 6 months out of the year. with his ability to make winners out of OK talent, he knew the ceiling was much higher at a place like NCSU where he can get better recruits overall

    ok, I’ve said my piece. didn’t want to sound like it was all on jags

  28. NavyInsider

    Pipe-He gets his money

    Goalie-It is all on Jags. He knew all that going in, agreed to the terms the BC AD set in place and then went behind the AD’s back.

  29. Gary

    To All:
    If you want more on the 63 Navy great season and Cotten Bowl go to ESPN college football and its in a section under Outside The Lines and its called GAME IN THE SHADOWS.
    I know you will ALL enjoy it!

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