This year marks the 50th anniversary of the opening of Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium, and NAAA intends to celebrate. According to the release  just sent from the desk of Scott Strasemeier, the celebration includes honoring the 1959 team that beat William & Mary in the stadium’s first game, a 1959-themed NavyFest tailgate, and this snazzy uniform patch. Most importantly, the All-Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium Team will be revealed.

Fans will be allowed to nominate players who have played at least one season at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium. Once nominations are taken, fans will be able to vote for the final candidates.

A committee will then take the nominations and pair them down to a select number of players at each position. Starting April 13 fans will have the opportunity to vote for the all-time team at Fan voting will be worth 50 percent towards the final selection of the team with a committee of Navy football historians determining the other 50 percent of the vote. The all-time team will be revealed at halftime throughout the 2009 season.

I don’t know what Navy football historians will form this committee; maybe Jack Clary will be like Eddie Murphy in The Nutty Professor and just play the role of everyone at the table. But wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall for THAT meeting?

We will, of course, be submitting official Birddog nominations. So head over to the message board to throw in your two cents.


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  1. as an aside, it’s not the 50th anniversary, that happens in the 2010 season, its the 50th season…

  2. No, it’s the 50th anniversary. 50 seasons was last year. If you count 1959 as a season then 10 years is 68, etc therefore this year is the 50th Anniversary.

  3. OK you may well be correct, but I’m having a Seinfeld moment here.

    If the first season was 1959, the first anniversary is 1960 thus…you are correct an i am wrong… sorry for the inconvenience

  4. No inconvenience, it can be confusing. That is a common mistake.

  5. Will they have any special uniform- perhaps bring back the loops for this year?
    I have been wanting those “1967” era uniforms back for years but with full loops- not the “fake loops” all the unis have that dont seem to go fully around the arm pits- why is that anyway?

  6. How about an “All Opponents” Team – players wo have played AGAINST Navy at least one game in NMCMS??
    It might be a pretty good list.

  7. Ha… I actually thought about something like that back before the Pitt game, when I was watching old tapes of Ironhead Heyward’s last game in Annapolis. It would take gobs and gobs of time and research.

    I love it.

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