33 thoughts on “INDOOR SKYDIVING

  1. Gary

    Sorry to all who cant stand the thought but that will be an awesome place and only 25 minutes from home for me.
    Thanks Chet!

    Now to all the Navy fans that whine there are too many Irish fans there- why not buy the 30,000 plus seats you buy in Annapolis instead of the 15,000 that showed up last time in NJ?

  2. GoalieLax

    hmm, let’s see…there’s

    1. the added distance
    2. the added cost
    3. the possibility of having to stay over night
    4. the fact that the number of season ticket holders is MUCH closer to the 15k than the 30k in your argument

    by your argument, there should be 30k navy fans at every away game…which is exactly what this is

  3. Dave'69

    Since I live in Alabama and will watch the game on TV, it is easy for me to dismiss all the negatives about playing a “home” game three or four hours drive away from home, we all know why it was done – $$$$$. You also have to conceed that if playing Notre Dame is a recruiting selling point, playing them in New York and in Dublin is frosting on the cake. Having said all that, when I lived in New Jersey and watched Navy play Houston in the Garden State Bowl, it was one of the most miserable days of my life.

  4. Gary

    Mr Lax- Lets take it easy on the dummy talk when you dont even have an idea on the season ticket base-I think you are about 10 to 15 years off from your figure.
    Now point being is that I have heard so many knock playing the game in NJ that I was hoping that perhaps the lure of the new stadium would provide a larger contingent og Navy fans there.
    My theory of 30,000 would be about right since you must have had 30,000 in Baltimore- or was I wrong there?
    Are you such a non fan that the distance of 4 hours to travel to see your beloved team play the vaunted Irish is too far?
    You would possibly have to stay overnight from 4 hours away? This isnt Indiana- you can do it I am sure.
    To be part of something as special as that game will be has no interest to you?
    Maybe you ran into a bunch of Sopranos last time you were here- but this aversion to playing the game in NJ is something that just doesnt make sense.
    Case closed.
    You sound like someone from Go Mids or the ESPN board or Nickelodean!

  5. Jimbear NJ

    I’ll be there it a half hour ride for me. The new Xanadau should make it more fun along with the new stadium. Anyway I can understand someone not having a good time at the Meadowlands. The Lincoln tunnel is 5 mininutes away. NYC is a great place to visit.

  6. GoalieLax

    listen gary…what is 22 closer to? 15 or 30? i think if you take time to whip out your calculator, you’ll find that 22 IS IN FACT closer to 15 than it is to 30

    now take into account that a good bit of that 22 is attributed to people who are casual navy fans who live in annapolis or the greater area and come to home games as a form of relatively inexpensive entertainment in a family-driven environment, and you’ll find that the rebid fan base that buys season tickets and is willing to travel to great lengths for a non bowl game is smaller than that

    hell, we’re not selling 30k for bowl games that happen during the holidays when people are MORE apt to travel distances for football games.

    30k in baltimore isn’t even CLOSE to being an appropriate measuring stick for traveling to NYC for a football game. baltimore is 30 mins from annapolis, not 4 hours.

    and i’m not daying any of this has to deal with me personally nor my interest in going to the game…IT’S ABOUT THE FAN BASE AS A WHOLE

    you are so dense it’s amazing

  7. I would prefer that all of our home-away-from-home games be played in Baltimore. Local buzz is good. It’s good for the program to play big games in front of people who are potential ticket-buyers for other games in Annapolis. But it’s also good to get paid, and I’m sure money was one of many factors that led to this. That’s the business. It kind of stinks, but it isn’t some outlandish idea or anything. We’ll all live.

  8. GoalieLax

    i agree – it’s all about the almighty dollar and this game will bring the bucks in for sure (the meadowlands will be the 3rd largest NFL stadium I think, so that’s a lot of tix)

    my argument with gary is his insistence that navy should be bringing 30k fans to a game in NYC

  9. Nicole

    The Meadowlands is basically local for me, so I’ll be there provided I’m able to get tickets.

    My only beef with the stadium is that it doesn’t have a retractable roof. Sounds like it will be pretty cool otherwise.

  10. Pete

    When we have played Army in the Meadowlands we bring 30K, or more. I suspect the probability of losing – and losing big – makes the drive less likely for the more casual fan. This is a business move for sure. I wonder if Baltimore was unavailable, or if CG was going for bigger bucks, or if ND was calling the shots for this one.

    I would love to hear the real reason(s) why we are doing it in NJ instead of Baltimore, where we can at least pretend it is a home game.

    BTW I was at the Navy-Houston bowl game in 1980 and it was miserable cold sucky weather and miserable sucky football.

  11. GoalieLax

    pete, no offense, but comparing Army-Navy to Navy-ND makes about as much sense as comparing Baltimore and NYC in terms of location for a home game

    there’s a world of difference in the two

  12. Gary

    Lax- you are too busy trying to toss insults- I never said 30,000 was the season ticket base- I took the average amount of Navy fans that attended Navy games-period.
    When we get 34,000 sell outs-these are almost 5,000 there for other teams(Pitt-Wake-Rutgers)- so why could I not expect 30,000 Navy fans to support their team 4 hours away vs the goliath known as ND?
    I am not t alking about Western KY and with all that is happening you guys should be proud that NY/NJ wants to showcase that game.
    For a ND game only hours away that should be no problem-yet last game there it seemed like maybe 10,15,000 tops and that was embarrasing.
    Yet all I heard about was the whining about the NJ /NJ Subway Alumni when if anything they are to be admired for their support.

  13. GoalieLax

    lol – look gary, if your going to hurl insults at me, you can’t attack me using them on you. in order to do that on the internet, you need to keep yourself clean. as soon as you came in with the nickelodeon (which, BTW, was the weakest trash talk in the history of the internet), you lost your high ground

    I don’t get how it can be so hard for you to understand that there are people who go to a Navy home game that don’t want to spend AT LEAST 8 hours on the road in a day to play ND in NJ

    and you want to admire subway alumni? do you even have a clue what that term means? those are people who live in NYC who never went to ND but are fans because they’re irish or catholic, or both. they’re not alumni, they’re the ND version of white trash

    at least you’ve started talking in the 3rd person IRT Navy – I always knew you weren’t a fan…yet another reason I wish you’d GTFO

  14. Gary

    Lax- GTFO? Thats pretty mature sounding-perhaps a nerve has been nailed-you seem a bit irritable?
    Subway alumni- white trash? Thats pretty harsh from someone trying to come off so intelligent.
    The term Subway Alumni seems to offend you- anti Irish or anti ND which is it?
    Its a term that anyone who follows college football knows about- but wow did you ramble off the path trying to come of smarmy. GTFO?

  15. Usnadad06

    I’m sure ND calls the shots on where we play since they’re holding all the cards. Playing Navy basically is another home game for them that they get to play around the country (world) for fan base exposure.
    We play a high profile game, make big bucks, and challenge our players to make a dream come true every once in awhile. No sense complaining as ND calls the shots and Navy enjoys the prestigious game.

    Lax: As a NYC born catholic I found your comment offensive. I never was much of a ND fan until my daughter attended that great institution. By the way not all of the Subway alums are louts (just a small percentage) and not all of the louts are NYC catholics.

  16. Gary

    Not sure what your issue is Lax-The Irish?-ND?-NYC? but ya got problems and should shut your mouth and try to think before typing again.

  17. GoalieLax

    Gary, I’m not sure how you’re missing this, but my issue is you and your outrageous claims that Navy should be bringing 30k people to a “home” game in NYC that’s not Army-Navy. And if you want me to shut my mouth, how about you not give me a reason to open it. As long as you continue your moronic posting here, I will always call you out.

    Dad, if you can’t distinguish between yourself, who had a daughter go to Notre Dame, and the people in the subway alumni group that have no personal connection other than getting NBC on their TV, you might want to take a step back. You seem to not know the definition of subway alumni, because if you did, you would know that it in no way applies to you.

  18. Gary

    Lax- You called yourself out with your “anti Irish” comments and you HAD to get so upset that someone said Navy should bring 30,000 to a game against their Top Rival (for many including the players) in high visable game in a brand new stadium in a huge market?
    You got issues and still try to defend weakly what you said as if “no big” and yet you have offended by your stupidity and ignorance of typing some deep resentment without regard for fellow posters.
    All that came from you disagreeing with me and unable to eloquate it in a simple civil manner.
    No you had to attack and hurl insults and ergo-your foot in your mouth.
    So sorry to say to you and anyone else not GTN-TFO.

  19. jgish92

    Gary, I think the “WHAT?” might have something to do with your claim that ND is our “top rival”. I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that most people think Army is Navy’s top rival. Some might even suggest that Air Force would be next on the list. It’s early though and I haven’t finished my first cup of coffee, so I might not be thinking clearly and could be wrong.

  20. Gary

    Yeah and I know and agree-thought about that afterwards and it should have been a Top Rival- not The Top. I dont need to ruffle anymore feathers by saying to some that ND is the big game mostly due to our dominance of Army-but that does not lower the fact that THE true Rival is of course Army.
    But that is also open to ones personal interpretation and feelings-personally to me ND is the top game every year- ok so shoot me.
    Some may take that offer up with ease.

  21. navy68

    Playing in the new stadium should take the sting out of what some consider a less than ideal venue.BTW, a navy grad, class of 86, I believe is the operations director of the old and new Giants stadiums.

    For my money, I live less than an hour away, consider it a great venue and am delighted to have Navy football in my back yard. For those coming to the game consider spending an evening in Hoboken or Newark’s Ironbound section for q great dining experience. An unabashed plug for the Jersey experience.

    If some object to playing ND in NJ, what about playing them in Ireland? I could never figure that one out. They’ve got a couple of million “subway” alumni,

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