18 thoughts on “MY WALLET IS DOOMED

  1. SaltySam98


    You’re right. I’ve had XBOX and XBOX 360 for like 5 years and I just remembered that. Ummmm…at ease; I’ll be in the area all day if anyone needs me.


    The Guy

  2. newt91

    PS3… “never have so many spent so long doing so little”

    but you (or my wife) will have to pry mine from my cold, dead hands. (of course, i only bought it for the blu-ray player)

  3. GoalieLax

    also – if there is a price drop, keep your eye open for sony card promos…a lot of time they have 100 bucks off/credit on first purchase…can make a big dent in that

  4. Dave'69

    Mike – I’m curious. Does a well designed game that mimics a particular team’s play provide any help to coaches in preparing for an opponent? Would it be more helpful when preparing for an unusual offense such as Navy’s option?
    On another note, I just learned that Ohio State’s second game of the season is a night game at home against USC. Let’s hope that while they prepare for their opener against us, their thoughts are a week ahead. Comments?

  5. Dave'69

    I just thought that a visual representation of the triple option would be more effective in “teaching” it than an X’s and O’s chart. But keep in mind that I never played organized football myself.

    I’m still interested in your thoughts about Ohio State playing USC the week after they play Navy. I know that chapter 1 of “Coaching for Dummies” includes the statement to “Play one game at a time!” but the knock on tOSU is its tendancy to lose the big one, especially outside the conference so USC must be written in big bold letters on their schedule. Of course my statement is driven by my reoccuring dream of Navy pulling the upset of the year on opening day.

  6. OSU’s “tendency to lose the big one” is kind of a joke. It’s not like anyone is going to play the likes of USC, Florida, Texas, and LSU and expect it to be a cakewalk. Is it possible that Ohio State’s players will overlook Navy? I guess. But I’m not in any position to comment on Jim Tressel’s ability to get his team focused.

  7. GoalieLax

    real gamers are on their PC – i can understand why you’d like the 360 thou…it gives you that fratboy experience we all missed out on at USNA


  8. Christian

    I too am resisting the lures of PS3. And I appreciate Navy86’s rumor about August. That’s around the time the *real* good game comes out — Ashes 2009, the cricket game officially licensed by England, Australia and the good people at Lord’s Cricket Ground in London.

  9. Navy05

    I bought the game last year and gave ıt up after a few weeks because of how horribly mısrepresented the offense was. I thought I was going to save that 60 bucks this year, I guess not.

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