The outlook wasn’t brilliant for the Navy team that day:
They were down by twenty points, with but one quarter left to play.
So when Kaipo’s body failed him, and his hamstring, it went lame,
A sickly silence fell upon the patrons of the game.

The crowd had started to disperse the last time Temple scored.
There were Owls fans talking trash upon the GoMids message board.
With the game all but decided, the silver lining on this crap:
If nothing else at least we would see Ricky take some snaps.

Against Pittsburgh and SMU, Dobbs made some solid plays,
Inspiring fans to lift him up with hyperbolic praise.
“He can run, and he can throw! He’s talented! He’s unique!
The quarterback of the future? No! The quarterback of next week!”

Kaipo, though he was injured, was still a wily vet;
It wasn’t time for Ricky Dobbs to play full time just yet.
When the Hawaiian coudn’t run at full speed with the ball,
That was the sign, the coaches knew, and Ricky got the call.

So all eyes were on Number Four as he stepped on the field,
But things weren’t any different, and still the offense reeled.
His first few plays made fans think that he should’ve called in sick;
First he was stuffed behind the line, and then he threw a pick.

He watched the ball descend and saw the Temple safety grab it;
One more time, Coach Niumatalolo said DAG NABBIT.
But the savvy mentor didn’t just engage in pointless chiding;
Instead he calmly told his signal caller to keep fighting.

The next drive went much better as young Ricky found his groove.
A swing pass to Kettani, and the team was on the move.
His cannon arm was evident as Ricky closed the deal;
Then came the call from Bob Socci: “Touchdown, T.J. Thiel!”

With twenty-seven points, the Owls still maintained a lead,
But it was obvious that the touchdown drive had planted a seed.
The defense held their next time out, and Temple didn’t score,
So Ricky led the offense onto the gridiron once more.

Time was of the essence, so the QB went to work:
A bullet pass to Tyree Barnes, and the stadium went berzerk.
Another strike to Bobby Doyle! Navy’s knocking on the door!
A couple runs by Ricky, and it’s third and goal from the four.

He ran hard, but on third down, Kettani couldn’t punch it in.
They had to score on the next play to have any chance to win.
Both teams lined up, but Ricky didn’t see there was a glitch.
He snapped the ball. The coaches thought, “OH NO! SON OF A BISCUIT!”

It didn’t take long for Ricky to discover his mistake;
The Temple linemen hit him like he just stole their cheesesteak.
But with the strength of Atlas, our hero, undeterred,
Flipped the ball to Eric for a touchdown, Navy’s third.

While it felt like a miracle, the comeback still wasn’t complete;
If the defense couldn’t stop the Owls, then Navy would be beat.
Two forty-five left on the clock to stop the opposition;
The defense knew they had to play like they were on a mission.

It looked like they had failed when they let Temple move the chains;
The Owls could take a knee and run the time off that remained.
But Al Golden, in his genius, decided to keep running,
Setting up a play that would be nothing short of stunning.

Ross Pospisil released the ball from the running back’s grip,
Clint Sovie made a heads-up play, and recovered the strip.
Sprinting up the field, the swift linebacker didn’t plod.
He ran untouched to the end zone! Said Feinstein: “OH MY GOD!”

Coach Niumatalolo simply never gave up hope;
And now the Navy coach knew he had Temple on the ropes.
With overtime about to start, would the team finish the task?
“Dobbs, do the impossible! Is that too much to ask?”

Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright;
But I doubt it’s shining brighter than how Ricky played that night:
For those who left too early, the next morning they would see
That Temple still had twenty-seven; Navy, thirty-three.

19 thoughts on “RICKY TAKES SOME SNAPS

  1. chbags

    Being one of the people that did NOT leave their seat in the stadium (I’m looking at you pipe !) I was not anywhere near a TV for this game and therefore had not seen these great clips from the game — thanks for this Mike – might be the best ever — only problem is it is not about GaTech — you will never see 3 digits on the post count

  2. GoalieLax

    if this gets spread on the GoMids board, I bet we see triple digits from the OMFGDOBBSISTHESAVIOR crowd who called for him to play from day one last season

  3. Dave-69

    I left that game at the beginning of the fourth qtr and drove to the Outback in Springfield Va for dinner. When I saw the final score I almost fell of the bar stool.

  4. gary ballard

    I also was at the game, but sitting in the end zone with a group of boy scouts. At my advanced age (class of 1960) I can hardly read the jersey numbers from the stands in regular seats, so all I really saw was the flyover. I therefore was very happy to see replay of the game on CSTV and clips like those in this web piece. We necessarily are very excited about this up- coming season with Dobbs at the helm. GO NAVY!!

  5. wtdoor95

    I still contend I had as much to do with the victory as anyone else … over the previous 2 years, my parents have come to town for one Navy football game in the fall. Navy would lose every game they attended. When Navy went down 3 scores, I knew what I had to do — I had to get mom and dad as far away from NMCMS as quickly as possible. As we put more and more distance between ourselves and the game, we listened to the Navy revival by radio. The lesson I’ve unfortunately learned is … no more live Navy football for the family — sorry, guys.

  6. Dave'69

    Mike – While checking my fall calendar, I was reminded that Navy plays 13 regular season games this year. (I understand that when a team plays Hawaii they get an extra game to help pay for the trip.) How does that affect our bowl eligibility? Do we now have to win 7 games instead of 6 so that our record will be above 500?

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