5 thoughts on “HI

  1. How was the first game in new renovated NMCMS? Stands looked embarrassingly empty on the broadcast. Wasn’t it parents weekend?

    Fun game. I missed the first quarter, so I saw 31-0. Defense!

  2. Gary

    Not sure where to put this ( I am sure many will have an idea! haha) but on a sad note a friend of mine and a few others- self included ( want to root for them to beat Rutgers!) went in on an Army 3 game package- it was cheap and worth it and we are only 25 minutes from there.
    However the sadness is that 25,000 was the ticket sales and I am sure the actual in house was alot less.
    I know Army and new coach are trying hard to drum up interest and upgrade schedule (to ridiculous proportions- Oklahoma? ND? etc…) but it seems like they have lost their base and even with so many great season plans when we bought ours they said in July that sales were about same as last year ( they seemed to be fluffing that and masking-they were not) – sad again.
    I dont think if Navy ever went south and started losing that we would be seeing crowds again of 20,000- would we?
    Anyway such a historic and great place to see a game and to start another “new” era hardly anyone showed up and you know how bad a place with 40,000 seats and 20,000 something there looks and that includes about 4,000 Cadets!

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