28 thoughts on “Postgame Haiku, Vol. 20

  1. Team Team, Damn Team

    Man, the D looks strong this year! They are bringing some serious pressure and are flying to the ball.

    I also like the way the O stays calm and just works it down the field. With all the new starters on that side of the ball this year, I think the O is doing awesome through two games.

    Huge test at Pitt next week, but the squad looks solid!

  2. usmc53

    great08: Great Haiku. If I was giving out a Haiku award, you win.

    Anyone wonder why the offense hasn’t broken a long TD (40+ yards or so) on the triple option yet this season?

  3. DotBone89


    better blocks on the outside.

    The first TD would’ve been huge, but we only needed 16 yds. That would’ve been a TD from just about anywhere on the field.

  4. thepaws

    What the blazes happened just before the end of the first half to provoke that commotion–and penalty– on the Navy sideline? The stadium announcer was typically unhelpful. Maybe they said more on TV?

  5. DotBone89

    On TV they said the coaches thought there were 12 Navy men on the field and they were trying to get the “extra” guy off and the refs finally had to flag them. There used to be a warning (no flag), however now they go straight to the flag. BTW, Pete Medhurst has the PBP now.

  6. subsnstripes


    Didn’t see unbalanced line at all this game. Also looked like FB slanted to hit the tackle a few times instead of straight ahead for the hand-off. Your take on this?

  7. SaltySam98

    Any thoughts on the toss sweep so far? It seems like we’re having a problem with that play. To be fair, on one 3rd down play the LATECH player made a great break on the ball and Osei Asante needed to be Usain Bolt IOT block him. So that probably wasn’t anyone’s fault, but it just seems like that play used to be more effective for us.

  8. I don’t think we are executing the toss sweep very well. I have to go back and watch the game, but I think Ricky is snapping the ball too soon, making the slot too close to him on the toss. The guys making the tackles on those plays looked like the guys that are supposed to be left unblocked.

  9. djnavy91

    Great haiku…I just have to say that I’m psyched by the defensive performance overall! Only 7 points given up by the defense. They look like they’re on a mission! If Pitt thinks they can come in and dominate our D-Line, they’re hugely mistaken.

    LOVE Pete Medhurst on the PBP!


    Impressive haiku-ing chaps.

    Mr Subsnstripes, I believe that in some plays (depending on which member of the defense is the option man), the FB takes a different angle. For example, sometimes, the DT is the ignored player, and sometimes its the DE (inside and outside veer respectively). The FBs angle is different in both instances I think.

    I’m not sure,, and I haven’t seen it, but that could be one explanation for it.


  11. Did the Houston Bowl or whatever it was called already sign a contract w/ Navy? I don’t remember. Is Navy ever not going to pre-agree to go to a bowl game w/ possible hopes of a “better game”? Throwing this together quickly. Hope it makes sense.

  12. We are playing strong so far. The first 6 minutes were scary, but the D came up big with an interception that gave us momentum. I like the addition of the play action pass to the arsenal. Dobbs is the real deal. The man can throw. And our receivers have come up with some big time catches as well… not sure what happened with that dropped TD pass…

    I think Pitt will be a real test, then we have a couple of easier (not easy) games.

    My prediction for the season, assuming current playing trends continue is 10-3, and a bowl game in Houston, which I will be at.

  13. Winfield– Navy is signed for the Texas Bowl this year, the Poinsettia Bowl next year, EagleBank Bowl in 2011, Emerald Bowl in 2012, and Armed Forces Bowl in 2013. It doesn’t really make sense to not sign and hope for a better bowl, because the higher-paying bowls have conference contracts that aren’t going to open up. The bowl games with conference #6, 7, or 8 are the ones Navy would have a shot at, and those aren’t usually any better than the games we have contracts with. The contracts all have a clause that would allow Navy to play in a BCS game should the impossible happen.

  14. Xavier

    I like those Dobbs’ rollout (or bootleg) passes as well! Beautiful form the way he can square those shoulders on the rollout and zip that ball on target!

  15. DJ

    Mike – I watched the replay yesterday and it seems that on the toss sweeps that the slots and WR’s are not getting their man on the ground. In fact, I think that has been a problem on all run plays this year. I think youth and inexperience has to do with that. And we were spoiled by blockers like Campbell, Zerb, and others of yesteryear. Besides that, I have been very impressed with the offense.

    Am I right or just crazy?

  16. Gary

    We beat Pitt in their “home” a few years ago and can do the same!
    They will have what about 35,000 in the 70,000 seat place so intimidation should not be a factor.
    If I was not so far in NY it would be worth the Primanti sandwiches to get there!
    I am surprised Pitt did not get into Top 25 and this way we would earn some votes which frankly by the way we performed vs OSU and them still in Top rankings and we did beat LA Tech easy- we should be seeing more “respect” from the football community!
    So we gotta go out there and earn it by beating Pitt.

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