Postgame Haiku, Vol. 27

Hey Ausiello,
Write another e-mail to
Graham Watson this week.


37 Responses

  1. no one gives a shit about your personal whose smarter than who battle with ausiello

  2. HAIKU

  3. overreaction
    please blah post summary soon
    within two days blah

  4. Temple should be pleased,
    they got the revenge they sought.
    Time for Notre Dame.

    Sidenote: Any more bitching about a supposed “whistle blower?”

  5. first time long time, shut your noise hole.

  6. FTLT-

    if you reference
    count blah from Greg the Bunny…
    you’re not that clever

  7. tackling was not great
    offense could not find rhythm
    close but no cigar

    next week to South Bend
    ND good but beatable
    “Seven Wins” on 3!

  8. This game was too win-able
    Need to be more creative on O
    Need to tackle better on D and Special Teams

  9. Trick or Treating with my goblins in the 4th
    Listening for the cannon shot
    Alas….the sad clown

  10. @FTLT – cry more newb

  11. Effort equals results.

  12. Temple Turnovers
    Weren’t quite enough for Navy
    To beat Bernard Pierce

  13. If KP scrambles
    Instead of throwing a pick
    Navy might have won

  14. If frogs had wings they
    wouldn’t bump their butts ev’ry
    time they jumped. ribbit!

  15. Good RB
    Poor tackling
    yields loss

  16. The pic Proctor threw was bad – and he had acres of space to run it if he chose. But we scored right after when Temple messed their punt up, so it ended up the same. We lost because we couldn’t run in crunch time, or stop the run.

  17. Living on margins
    Together with injuries
    Finally caught us

  18. Temple did get its revenge. I can’t believe we can’t beat a team with a quarterback who passes 5 for 17 for 34 yards and two picks. … I can’t believe Golden settles for playing a QB who passes 5 for 17 for 34 yards with two picks when they have the Concorde District (Virginia) player of the year in Chris Coyer waiting in the wings.
    Surely a redshirt is not worth sacrificiing a passing game for the Owls, but I guess Golden knows more than I.
    Bernard Pierce is the real deal. He does this to everybody, not just Navy.
    We, on the other hand, need Ricky Dobbs against ND (although he didn’t do too much against Temple).

  19. Note to Temple fans: please don’t pose as Navy fans.

  20. No one has mentioned it, but how is Curry’s injury? Can he go against ND, or is it going to be another Kaipo-type thing?

  21. OMG the CONCORDE DISTRICT (Virginia) Player of the YEAR!!!!! How did SC pass on him?

  22. lol

  23. Where’s the game recap?

  24. somewhere in fantasyland

  25. I have no regrets about singing the praises of Navy football to national writers; and correcting them when they get their facts wrong. If we beat ND, I’ll probably be at it again…much to your dismay. Your Haiku actually could make it seem to some that you are saying “ha, ha, Navy isn’t that good – I told you so.” Same thing happened nationally after Flacco and Delaware beat us. That turned out to be not so bad of a defeat. All the Temple game did was prove that we are not good enough to overcome a bad performance on BOTH sides of the ball. I guess I didn’t expect that to happen. However, I’m still a bigger Navy fan than you, so take that.

  26. Well, you should have regrets.

  27. When did J Bryant
    learn to throw lefthanded and
    sneak back on the team

  28. hahaha

  29. Mike:

    Your haiku is 5-7-6, though it makes a good point.

  30. Do you say “Gra-ham” or just “Gram?” I see it as one syllable.

    I appreciate your strict adherence to correct haiku format, though. I think some people here must’ve skipped 4th grade or something.

  31. I think it’s “Gra-ham,” but I may be wrong.
    Just picking the nits, I suppose. (Don’t ask what lead me to count the syllables.)

  32. never heard anyone outside of britian say “gray-uhm”

  33. Navy now 1-13-1 on Halloween
    A frightful sight
    No more oct 31 bad for heart

  34. thats not a haiku
    and is the write up with the

  35. George,

    To respond to your, “how could Temple settle for a QB…”:

    Temple’s backup Chester Stewart was sent home due to illness, and immediately checked into Temple Hospital. We’re looking to redshirt Chris Coyer, who is the future QB. That being said, the #2 spot would have gone to Mike Gerardi, who has no experience. Gotta go with VC. His numbers were not representative of his season thus far.

    As you noticed, Bernard Pierce did most of the work, so there was no need to force the passing game when BP continued to perform well.

    Anyway, another great game. Looking forward to our next matchup.


  36. Where tha recap at?
    Oh wait, I’m not so sure that,
    I want to relive.

  37. Owlified doesn’t
    Recognize that George is a
    Temple fanatic

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