The Temple recap is taking a while. It’s a long one.


9 Responses

  1. “Problems competent bloggers don’t have”

    Are you telling me that all competent bloggers aren’t married? LOL

  2. Wait, that means the Wake recap was late, right? Where’s the apology for THAT one? :-P

  3. I did that one on purpose just to make you guys squirm.

  4. Any more of these late posts, and we’ll have to talk about cutting your pay… Oh yeah, that’s right you’re not getting paid for this. “Service” comes in many forms, thanks for keeping the Navy Faithful well-fed! :)

  5. Don’t waste timeouts. If your star QB is healthy enough to play 6 snaps (or 7, not sure), then he should be able to play 10 or 20 or 30. Using your arms when tackling improves your chances dramatically.

    Temple recap done.

  6. Tough economy, Mike. More delays like this could cost you this high-paying gig.

  7. Don’t make it TOO good! The ND players might learn something. You don’t want to give them an edge.

  8. Paul Johnson would have gotten it done on time.

  9. LOL@ WTDOOR! That is high-larious…I love Paul Johnson, but he’s reached Chuck Norris mythical status @ GloboGym.

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