77 thoughts on “Postgame Haiku, Vol. 28

  1. B03

    Lou Holtz on College Scoreboard a few minutes ago:
    “Notre Dame was clearly the better team, they just self-destructed”
    “Notre Dame’s main problem was that they couldn’t stop the wishbone.”


    2nd time is just as nice- Go Navy, Beat Everyone!

  2. 901458

    Frak Lou Holtsth. I just lost all respect for him after seeing the garbage spewing out of his mouth during that spot. He can take his wishbone and stuff it.

  3. Anonymous

    There once was a man named Lou
    Who lost his teeth and couldn’t chew
    But what was really scary
    Was after his commentary
    It was apparent he’d lost his mind too

  4. Eric

    Complete game? We gave up over 450 passing yards.

    “Win” works for me, though it was a bit more dramatic than it needed to be.

  5. Don’t flatter yourself, Anon. You aren’t censored for anything you’ve said about me, and you’d have to be really, really stupid not to understand why I don’t want politics on my blog. You’re censored because of your racist haiku after the Rice game.

  6. Anonymous

    Libelous. The only things you censored were:
    1) an innocuous Obama comment and
    2) a non-racial comment about the SMU fans.
    Don’t make stuff up up to justify your imperiousness.

  7. I’m not making stuff up. It’s still up there if you want to go look. After you posted that, I made it so that your comments have to be approved by me before they’re posted. Sometimes I get around to approving them, sometimes I don’t. Oh well.

  8. armchairsailor79

    Almost as much fun as the game was watching Charlie Weis blame his players. Class act. Nah, the game was more fun. Admit it. We all stood in our living rooms and sang Blue and Gold out loud.

  9. gonavy81

    The video is a riot. He looks like he just found out his wife is sleeping with his best friend. “She made 5 mistakes”. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  10. Stephen

    Forgive me, Mike, if that video crossed the line into “mean” territory, but I’m always flabberghasted by these fans who think it’s their perogative to win.

    As to the cut blocking, the way I always tell people is this. A running back who struggles for an extra yard instead of just going down risks getting stripped or turned into a pretzel. The defensive lineman who fights through the cut block instead of just going with it risks having their foot get caught.

    [I don’t follow these things closely, but I’m wracking my brains to think of the last time someone from the second string was taken out for the year by a cut block and they see it multiple times a week. ]

  11. MDS

    Absolutely spectacular!!! Great coaching job on both sides of the ball…

    Have to share that at 0600 on Sunday morning, my wife and I saw Buddy Green at Double T Diner in Annapolis. He was wearing a Navy jogging suit and slippers and was reading all the sports section from the area….he seemed to be having a good time.

    I hope he was headed in to see the film and game plan Delaware. For some reason I absolutely despise the Blue Hens.

  12. Stephen

    I went back and forth about posting that, if you look at his preview of the game he has repect for Navy and the special relationship, but finally the humorous imperative prevailed (for bonus lulz, check out the difference between his hair before and after the game).

    No, you just didn’t grow up in a household where a certain amount of German was spoken (boy howdy, if I had a sawbuck for every time I had to explain ‘sogenannte’).

  13. frigate

    In answer to newt91’s request that 901458 switch comments to Haiku. How about this:

    No respect for Holtz
    Thinks option 3 is wishbone
    senility’s sad

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