When Paul Johnson left for Georgia Tech, the Georgia Southern game sort of seemed out of place on Navy’s future schedules. The schools don’t have any real connection other than Johnson, so the logical assumption is that Navy scheduled GSU for his sake. Once PJ left, I figured Southern would come of the schedule. Or not. I guess it’s cheaper to keep her, because the game’s still there, and it looks a lot different now than it did a year ago. Georgia Southern is now coached by Jeff Monken, who apparently doesn’t believe in his old boss’ “no transfer” philosophy; Georgia Tech quarterback Jaybo Shaw is reportedly headed to Statesboro. I’ll let our bevy of Tech readers tell us their opinion of Shaw, but at the very least he’s well-versed in the offense; not only from his time at Georgia Tech, but also because he ran something similar in high school.

Now, GSU is nowhere near the team they were in their heyday, and on paper Navy should win without that much of a problem. But coming off of a short week… after what’s sure to be a tough, emotional game against Maryland… with a familiar face on the opposite sideline who knows how you think… who now has an experienced, I-A quarterback to lead his offense…


  1. Jaybo will be a good fit at Southern during their transition to the spread option offense. He certainly was a capable back-up for us & I think most folks wish him well. Truth is, he probably never would have started a game at Tech with some other players we have in the program at QB. Navy should have no problem with Southern next season. Guess we know who you support as the new Ole Miss mascot….

  2. W4ATL

    Jaybo is a solid option QB. He ran the offense in high school and made good decisions when he came in to relieve Nesbitt. I never felt we were in a bad position when Jaybo came into the game. He has weak arm strength but is fairly accurate passing.

  3. usmc53

    I think the only question about this game is, “When do KN and IJ call off the dogs so as not to run up the score on their friend Jeff Monken?”
    GSU will be in their second game in a brand new system.
    Almost our whole offense is coming back.
    We could score 60 if we want.

  4. On paper, I sort of agree.

    On the flip side, one could argue that the talent delta between Ohio State and Navy is larger than the one between Navy and Georgia Southern. We lose recruits to GSU. I don’t think Ohio State loses any to us.

  5. This is more of a “maybe I should say something more often than twice a month” post. Or a “not everything has to be 2000 words so just say something before everyone stops reading” post.

  6. usmc53

    Yeah, if GSU is anything like Delaware, we better watch out. Those guys always give us fits.

    I’ll never forget being in NMCMS and watching Navy lose 59-52 to the Blue Hens. A week later, 46-44 in South bend. Crazy.

    This year’s game was no cake-walk either.

  7. tphuey

    The Senior Writer at Globogym will write an article on how to coach football games within the spirit and intent of good sportsmanship if we blow them out. Clearly, we can’t run up the score (or even give the impression of doing so) because we’re the good guys who wear the white hats.

    Hopefully, Coach Ken will take note, and keep it uncomfortably close.

  8. Dave'69

    Good point. And similarly Army-Navy. I would expect that AF will be looking at the GSU film, especially if they have any success stopping us. Of course, all future opponents will be looking at films of any opponent that has some success – and then we make adjustments and they make adjustments. It’s been 57 days since our last game and still another 192 days until our next game. I hate the Dark Ages!

  9. Navymic

    I don’t care about running up the score, I want to run up the running yards. I want that title back!

    Umm… just take a knee at the 1… and then, uh, kick a field goal on 1st down.

  10. GSU vs. NAVY
    I don’t see GSUs offense as the dominant offense in the NAVY game. GSU is several recruiting years out before we will be back up to speed.
    (1) Monken is a x-navy coach, PJ protégé and knows what NAVY will be throwing at his defense.
    (2) GSU’s first string defense has the spring and summer to run against the 1st string spread offense. It looks like we will now return to the 4-3 defense with some freshman 300 ponders rotating in at the guard position.
    I am looking forward to attending GSUs first game of the season with Board Master Phelix. After that game he should have some analysis for you.

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