1. chbags

    the date from the site was November ’83 … I believe that over the years they have had so many people either requesting permission or just breaking in that there is now heavy security and just about nobody is let in.

    I still say that in the entirety of my time in the military this trip (my first class year) is second only to the 10 days in Buenos Aires on my “Boondoggles of a Lifetime” list … it is just that as a Midshipman you have no idea how good it is when it is happening.

  2. EightyFiver

    Bags: It was indeed an amazing boondoggle. Couldn’t buy a beer or a sandwich anywhere–everyone wanted to host us, buy us a drink, etc. My roomate and I stayed in a family’s coach house in Pasedena. Terrific folks. Fridge loaded with brew and snacks. Use of the car.
    Game was fun. Nap caught the opening kickoff and handed off to Eric Wallace, who took it the distance. Long day for Army.

  3. 89inthehouse


    Wasn’t it just the opposite? Didn’t Army kick it away from Nap, Wallace received it, and he and Nap came together and handed the ball to Nap who ran the rest of the way? At least that’s how my old memory recalls it… Either way, great play and a very long day for Army!


  4. Wallace ran it back. The team had been working on that play all week. They figured that Army would collapse so hard on Nap that Wallace would have clear sailing after the handoff. Not only were they right, but the play was almost botched and Wallace STILL took it all the way.

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