Paul Finebaum says that it’s time to kick Vanderbilt out of the SEC. Why, you ask? Because they aren’t good, and their new head coach is entertaining. I didn’t think that anyone actually yearned for hard-hiting media day coaching insight like “well we just have to score more points than the other guys,” but apparently I was wrong. Heaven forbid a coach shows a little personality. Of course, since most coaches are cyborgs that give the same answers to the same questions they receive every media day, you can just recycle the same stories every year. Robbie Caldwell and his “free thinking” and “honest answers” just create more work for everybody. And that’s “insulting.” MEDIA DAYS: SERIOUS BUSINESS

As for the rest, one can’t help but be reminded of this.


  1. sandlapperspike

    Not an original thought, I know, but I was always struck that the SI column on Army-Navy was stuck in the back of an edition featuring the alleged “America’s Team” on the cover.

    You don’t get much more obnoxious than that (not counting Rick Reilly, of course).

  2. kevin

    That article is classic. Little did he know that 2 years later Navy would be knocking off some big boys and we would resurrect his article to show how wrong he was.

    With regards to Vandy, they aren’t awesome at football (most likely due to admission standards) but they are pretty good at bball.

  3. Oh gosh, if that is the epitome of SERIOUS BUSINESS at media days, I guess it’s a good thing the national media didn’t get wind me me on Monday and Tuesday

  4. Rob

    I remeber reading that article the first time on watch on 8-1 by the company mail desk. I was bored so I pulled SI out of someones cubby and read it

  5. EightyFiver

    This guy has an interesting, though unglorious, history of telling college football teams how they should realign to fit his notions of who is good and who is bad.
    I tend to dislike the entire SEC, but maybe I’m becoming a bit of a Vandy fan. Would like to see PF proved wrong again.

  6. Kurt Boyer

    It’s tough to wait 16 years to see someone get egg splashed in his face, but it’s still pretty sweet.

    Can you imagine last year’s Navy or Air Force team in the FCS? There would be a few tough games, for sure, but considering Navy nearly knocked off the Rose Bowl champs and Air Force went to OT with TCU…I think there would be a lot of lopsided games and a lot of justifiable complaining. Of course, AFA and Navy especially have come a very long way in the past decade.

  7. GoalieLax

    we wouldn’t get the same recruits we get now if we were 1-AA. and no way would PJ have come here to start our program back up if it was 1-AA.

  8. I think he would’ve gone there from Georgia Southern, but I don’t think he resurrected Navy just so he could end up at Vanderbilt. Too similar of a job, IMO.

  9. Dave'69

    I would agree with you. Didn’t Vandy’s coach (also named Johnson I think) start his job about the same time PJ started with Navy? Since they were both successful in 1-AA, Vandy may have looked at PJ but probably figured the TO couldn’t succeed in big time football, especially in the SEC. If indeed he was considered it’s another case of “what might have been” and another chance to appreciate Chuck’s wisdom.

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