Recruiting players from other colleges is against NCAA rules. But coaches have their ways of making their interest known.

“Coaches had me on Facebook and what not,” said Tuani, who has 96 tackles — including 14.5 for a loss — five sacks and five forced fumbles in his career.


Well now that the NCAA seems to be getting all ban-happy over such things, perhaps someone could send out the ol’ bat signal.

11 thoughts on “WHAT

  1. DJ

    Often things surprise me, and I think and realize they shouldn’t. With guys like Rich Rod, Kiffin, and Butch Davis allowed to roam free, the rules are just an obstacle.

  2. GoalieLax

    of course, his own felonies could end up surfacing – the NCAA is digging everywhere. guess they learned from bush it’s better to get on top of any whispers when the guilty parties are still in school and evidence and be compelled from them

  3. 89inthehouse

    As a practical matter it won’t be hard to find out who contacted Tuani, when and how often he was contacted– technology can be a wonderful thing.

    However, the moral issue here is quite troubling! As DJ said, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, but this is a whole new level of sleaze– trolling Facebook to entice a player to leave– seriously?

    I hope something comes of this frankly–and sadly!

    As far as Davis at Carolina, the news here is all over this story, as they should be. It is only beginning to stink, and the future revelations could be quite devastating. The tutor at the center of the story was actually the tutor for his son who is the quarterback at one of the local high schools; it would be very sad if it implicated his son in any way! (To be clear, I am not suggesting it does, only that it would be if it happened).

    It is all very difficult to read and extremely troubling to me…


  4. GoalieLax

    unless he gets a show-cause penalty levied at him for implicit and knowing participation in a major violation a la Kelvin Sampson at Oklahoma/Indiana and his 5 year show-cause penalty he’s currently under

  5. DJ

    But Sampson had multiple violations at multiple universities. Plus he move closer to NCAA headquarters in Indy. He practically dared the NCAA to do something. Davis could go to a Wash State or New Mexico and it would take the NCAA a decade to find him.

  6. GoalieLax

    a coach with a show-cause can’t go anywhere without an appeal to the NCAA from the school that wants to hire the coach.

    the only coach that has ever returned from a show-cause is Todd Bozeman…he served an 8 year ban and it still took 2 more years before a college hired him…Morgan State, a bit of a step down from Cal and the NBA where he previously worked

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