Chris from asked if I would answer a few questions about the game. I’m nothing if not accomodating.


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  1. nothing about our ‘zero-man” front on d?

  2. Where did he learn to write? Oh. Maryland, probably.

  3. oh come on now

  4. isn’t he just transcribing a conversation? does that me he and mike can’t talk? mike are you an ESOL? we speak american here, buddy…if you don’t like it you can git out


  5. Just that there are two or three typos in the first two sentences.

    Not a good first impression…

    Unlike your articles, which are great!


  6. Enjoyed the Q&A..
    Agree with your comments about MC. Need to find a replacement for his receiving ability. That’s the biggest question in my mind for the offense.

    Anyopne know what are ticket sales like for the game?

  7. well the “best available” on are about a dozen rows up in the endzone. so not a sellout, but decent I’d guess

  8. GL – That’s in the upper tank, correct?

    Stubhub has decent lower sidelines in the mid $40’s. Does anyone know which sections are Navy? I have my tickets, but have classmates in town looking for extras.

  9. Do you thimk its probable that Maryland would want to play this game every year as a kind of “prep game” for GT. No disrespect for Navy, but one is a conference game and the other isn’t. Also, the rarity of UC option offenses does give these teams an advantage and seeing it run by a good team can help.

  10. Doubtful. Maryland and GT are in different divisions of the ACC and don’t play every year. They haven’t played since 2007.

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