Postgame Haiku, Vol. 33

Ricky Dobbs should know;
Seniors don’t make these mistakes.
Wish the right team won.


51 Responses

  1. This is a tough one to swallow.

  2. how many time does
    a fumble have to happen?

  3. BTW, this is the 4th year of haiku. People better know 5 7 5 by now.

  4. Want so much to say
    that we beat ourselves today;
    but we’re not air force

  5. So many chances
    I can’t even stand to write
    Five Seven Five now

  6. What were we thinking?
    Thev never stopped us outside
    Way too much midline.

  7. Tim,
    I don’t think that was a midline option.

  8. 7 times to score
    only 14 to show
    not going 12 and 0


  10. gonavy921,
    that’s not even close to 5-7-5. we all died a little bit today apparently. :)

  11. That was not Navy ball.
    Sloppy and disorganised.
    Disappointing loss.


    The most upsetting thing about all that was that it was not Navy ball. Inefficient, mistake-ridden on and off the field. Sloppy STs (which is navy ball recently). On D there was no desire. There was no underdog mentality, we did not win our 1 on 1 battles at all. Maryland were average, and we beat ourselves.

  12. Yay! The Terps beat us!!
    That’s good for us!!! Right, Deli?!?

  13. Whitney 4sh can cease
    Stalking Ricky Dobbs right now
    It might help his game

  14. who is important?

  15. “Beating ourselves” is an understatement. Some of the midline stuff reminded me of the Gary Tranquil days.

  16. Don’t need Heisman hype
    Just a quarterback who makes
    Smart plays in red zone

  17. one hour later and
    i really wanted THIS win.
    twelve and O be damn’d.

  18. Dagnabit Dagnab
    It Dagnabit Dagnabit
    Double Dagnabit !!!!

  19. The first lost is the hardest….

  20. make that loss…..

  21. Once inside 20
    Navy played an outstanding
    Twilight Zone offense

  22. Brown’s defensive plan –
    Make the Mids fumble the ball
    Inside the red zone!

  23. Oops oops oops oops oops
    Heads better get screwed on now
    Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch

  24. The Heisman hopes cause
    Dobbs to scorn pitch in Red Zone
    Result bad ugly loss

  25. amazing to see
    massive fizzles in red zone
    can’t swallow this one


    maryland students
    chanting “you suck” at march on
    screw this rivalry


    seven bucks fifty
    for a 16 oz beer can
    cried when I dropped one


    thank you 86
    awesome seats as usual
    you are my boy, blue

  26. four proper haikus
    gives you 4 “plus 1″s, GL;
    alas, just 1 counts

  27. One yard line again.
    Surely we will not fumble.
    One yard line…OH NOOOO!

  28. A loss is a loss
    But opening loss last year
    Felt so much better

  29. Andy,
    Were twerp students really saying:
    “you suck” at march on?
    Did you notice the md players didnt even know they had an alma mater? what turds
    screw this rivalry

  30. For first time ever
    I left before Blue and Gold
    So disappointed

    4 hour drive home
    Could not stop thinking of game
    Much gnashing of teeth

  31. It is bittersweet
    To sing Navy Blue and Gold
    Following this loss

  32. I was very disappointed in Navy’s loss to Maryland. The loss brought back bad memories of GSUs loss to Umass were GSU turned the ball over 7 times.

  33. A game lost, yet how?
    Too many I’s in RICKI.
    Army loses thus!

  34. So much Heisman hype
    Good A backs and B backs win
    Get back to basics

  35. Coach Ken still the best
    Mental errors thing of past
    Watch out G S U

  36. 69 thousand
    Sounds like all for Maryland
    Navy fans boring

  37. fumbles, penalties
    and bad mental mistakes make
    for long bus rides home

  38. Fumbles kill a team
    Dobbs should carry ball to class
    Sad day for Navy

  39. I KNEW we would win
    when we tied it at 14.
    Can’t believe result.

    I like watching games
    while reading Birddog chat room.
    You guys are fun fans.

  40. My son’s first game as
    Navy fan was a bad loss.
    Hope it’s not a trend.

  41. Hold on to the ball
    Son of a biscuit hold on
    Hold on to the ball.

    OY VEY!

  42. Can not hold the ball
    When inside the one yard line
    Did Maryland help?

  43. Quiet alum bus
    Long trip back to stadium
    Watch out G S U

  44. this for j pilli
    female brigade commander
    many many more

  45. USMC53,

    No worries. As much as it sucks, I was a plebe in 2005 when we lost our first game to MD (another one that got away). Over the next four years, Navy would go bowling and win the CIC trophy and each year…not to mention beat ND a couple of times. Your son is a mid during some of the best football years Navy has ever had–I’m sure that we’ll bounce back quickly. It does totally sting to lose to posers like MD, though. Here’s hoping this an anomoly, not a trend!

    Semper Fi

  46. Mike,
    What do you think about the no huddle, look to the sideline for the play?

    I liked it for Missou, but as I watched at the game,it seemded to me obvious that it interfered with the rhythm of the game. and of course, the noise from the md fans caused us big problems.

  47. How did it interfere with the rhythm of the game? We had almost 500 yards of offense? And how did the MD fans’ noise cause us problems?

  48. I was the only one that saw the problems with special teams? Punts? Kick coverage?

  49. gcl73,
    What does your “j pilli” haiku mean?

  50. QB drops the ball
    Where was the linebacking corps
    Coach can be better

  51. Ben,
    Thanks for the note, but to clarify, my son isn’t a Mid (yet). He’s 5 weeks old, so this was truly his first game as a Navy football fan, even though he doesn’t know it yet.

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