My DVD recorder is no longer in the land of the living, so the Maryland recap might be a little delayed. Unfortunately, the only thing more broke-ass than my DVD recorder is my wallet. Remind me again why I do this mediocre blog…


  1. Alisterio

    Because, this is without question the best Navy football (heck any football) blog that I’ve ever read. Take your time, though I’m not sure that dissecting that game will make anyone feel better.

  2. Bob K

    Because your insights and analysis are so informative, in-depth, & illuminating that your fans gain a very deep understanding & appreciation for the team, individual players, coaches, and strategies … and set realistic expectations.

  3. tphuey


    I recall you said you were using a Mac now. So if I may, I recommend you spend 200 bucks and get the eyeTV HD from elgato. It basically turns your Mac into a DVR with editing capabilities, and it’s really cheap for what it could do to enhance your video editing and dissecting talents!

  4. kevin

    I don’t know if you would want to do this but you could put up a paypal donation link on here so people could voluntarily donate a little money to you to buy a new DVR.


    Post an address Mike. I’m sure you will have a lot of contributers, particularly from us old farts. I know that was not your intention, but you do an excellent job, and WE NEED YOU!!!!!!!

  6. tphuey

    That’s the advantage of eyeTV. Your computer is your DVR. Then you can edit the clips to your heart’s content. All the videos can be saved in your iTunes Library.

  7. wtdoor95

    Why write this blog? If you didn’t, Varsgoat would, and then how would I waste my working hours?

    I’d gladly donate — IMHO this effort ought to be rewarded, it should have been picked up by the Post already.

  8. Navy8r82

    Was “forced” to watch the game in Standard Def on a 19″ TV, and haven’t seen any replay…short of ESPN’s “Top Plays” segment. Don’t know that I want to watch again, even now that I’m back home with an DVR’d HD replay taunting me!?! Guess I’ll wait for your analysis!
    One question/observation I had while watching Monday’s game was that the “gap” between O-lineman seemed much tighter than I recall from season’s past…did I see what I think I saw, or was it just my small screen playing mind-tricks on me?!? Didn’t know if it was part and parcel of “taking what the defense gives us”, or a by-product of the personnel we are currently deploying on the O-line!?!

  9. Andrewde78

    The one thing that impressed me the most with this blog is not only the quality in-depth analysis, but how well each article is written. I don’t remember having read sports analysis anywhere that paralleled the writing quality of this blog.

  10. Mike –

    Does anyone know how to record a Navy game broadcast on CBS College Sports from their PC? We just got that channel/network here in Virginia Beach on Cox, but the guide only has TBA or some other recorded game during the time slot Navy will be playing. Is online the only way to pick those games up? And does that require a subscription to All Navy Access?

  11. Doug

    John, I’ve got FIOS here in Virginia Beach, and their CBS College Sports feed does show the Navy games. I would think Cox’s feed does also, even if listed as TBA. If not, time to switch to FIOS!

  12. Stork

    Mike…I love your in depth analysis and breaddown of film. It adds greatly to the experience of watching the games and getting a feel for why what is being run for plays is happening. I’d gladly donate to the DVR fund. Or you can do it old school like I do, break out the old VCR recorder and tapes. Thanks for your efforts and insight.

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