Postgame Haiku, Vol. 34

Ricky Dobbs’ passing
Helped keep Navy in the game
‘Til the team woke up.


28 Responses

  1. first half was too rough
    and tackling was really bad
    but i’ll take the win!

  2. G

  3. you better let him have it Mike

  4. Survive and advance.
    Need our starters back healthy.
    Good time for bye week.

  5. Note: edited for Glax:

    first half was too rough
    and tacklin’ was really bad
    but i’ll take the win!

  6. Who were these players?
    Shut out in the Second Half
    Sealed a Navy win!

  7. if E S P N
    dot com really worked this game
    would have really rocked

  8. buddy green adjusts
    but we got away from run
    wtf kenny


  9. 2nd half D stats
    2 punts 2 ints 1 fumble
    67 yards

  10. A bye week is good
    Winning is always better
    Must beat da Zoomies

  11. ESPN 3
    Plus cheap wireless DSL
    Equals Frustration

  12. Forward pass takes us
    to the next level while D
    Grows up for air force.

  13. finally good reads,
    the entire world rejoices,
    plus some good passing

  14. spend the bucks on fios,
    and online games become clear,
    worth the investment

  15. Time of Possession
    Down six minutes at the half
    Stole a quarter back

  16. Time of Possession
    Down six minutes at the half
    Stole a quarter back

  17. Caught the second half
    E S P N Player rocks
    When you’re overseas

  18. The season starts now
    Air Force is really for real
    Error free ball wins

  19. Throwing shows promise
    Running the ball is our key
    D steps up again

  20. A nervous first half
    A great drive to start second
    Bring on the Zoomies

  21. Love the Buddy D
    And Procter put on a show
    Long live the option

  22. Haikus are easy
    Five Seven Five even if
    Gee Gee Greene is great

  23. Wow Navy defense
    Under sixteen points per game
    Get off Buddy’s back

  24. MSU in OT
    Shows Mike’s Twerp analysis
    Right on the money

  25. Good half of football
    Who is coaching special teams
    Big games are up next

  26. I was there. At game time 97degress and very humid.-real humid. Defense spent to much time on the field the first half. I agree, special teams needs to improve to help defensive game plan. Punter and kick need to improve accuracy and consistency. Second half- the Navy of 09 season showed up. Defense solid though 5 yard out were killing us in the first half. Did I mention the humidity.
    Speaking of Zooomies they did to OU wht we did to Ohio Sate. Option off vs large 300lb linemen will help put on a good showing.

  27. Chris Proctor ‘s da man
    Why chance da kine ankle, bra?
    Let da kine heal, K?

  28. Eighty-seven….Sir
    Last class to have real Plebe Year
    Hope we beat Air Force…

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