Not much else to say

“Brendan was a strong, steady presence for everyone.  Whatever needed to be done you could always count on him to make it happen.  He led by example and he inspired others to make a difference.  When Travis returned from his first tour to Iraq he spoke with Brendan, who shared his frustration with not being more engaged with our efforts.  Shortly thereafter, Travis informed me that Brendan was accepted into the Navy SEAL training program and he knew immediately that Navy SEALs had just gotten an incredible leader.  I could tell how proud Travis was of Brendan when he shared this story with me.  

“Unfortunately, Travis didn’t return home from his second tour to Iraq, but I know he was looking down proudly as Brendan went on to become BUD/S Class 265 Honorman during his SEAL training course and complete several successful tours defending our freedoms.  

“Our country has lost a great leader but we’ve gained an incredible example of courage and commitment for future generations to come.  Brendan and Travis are back together again, true patriots who believed in this country.  They are of the same cloth: Warriors for Freedom, Brothers Forever.”  
–– Col. Tom Manion, USMCR (Ret.) (father of Travis Manion)

2 thoughts on “Not much else to say

  1. Knine

    This is in the end what USNA is really about:

    Go tell the Spartans,
    That here, obedient to their laws,
    We lie.

    Simonides, Epitaph for the Spartans who fell at Thermopylae
    Greek poet (556 BC – 468 BC)

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