Postgame Haiku, Vol. 37

That was a great win.
SMU is a good team.
Fantastic comeback.


39 Responses

  1. Another close game
    And Tuani is a beast
    And I’ll take this Win

  2. Half time adjustments
    D adjustments on the fly
    Take the gift TD

  3. Teich teaches Mustangs
    How to move that dang football
    Look out Notre Dame

  4. team overcame the
    disconcerting signals to
    win impressively

  5. If this team won’t quit,
    neither will I! Sorry, Mike:
    One. Extra. Syllable.

  6. First half warming up
    For second half storming back
    Two weeks in a row

  7. For the love of god,
    JT don’t do that again.
    It’s not worth it man!

  8. Pathetic first half.
    Incredible third quarter!
    Bring on Notre Dame!

  9. A tale of two halves:
    First, continued frustration
    Second, perfect bliss!

  10. offense is rolling
    two three and outs in 2nd
    what is difference?

  11. Halftime adjustments
    Save Navy from two and four
    Need better first halves!

  12. Santiago’s drop
    Took seven points off the board
    Glad he made amends

  13. June Jones is awesome
    Coach Ken was better today
    Gansz trophy winners!

  14. Rate this:

    Who Needs A Helmet?
    Don’t give up the ship. Ever!
    Watch out Notre Dame.

  15. Shorter drive back home
    Ancil’ary benefit
    Of a Navy win

  16. Simmons gets the pick
    They let Teach score a touchdown
    Defense stands. HA HA!!!

  17. Run and shoot got stung
    Respect the cardiac mids
    Last two minutes BALLS.

  18. I was at this game
    two different Navy teams played
    second half team wins

  19. Teague will need to show
    “Untapped Force Multiplier”
    Is his middle name.

  20. This week is THE game
    If we win we will get seen
    No way we should lose

  21. I’m in a wedding
    this Saturday afternoon.
    What a load of crap.

  22. Was not in South Bend
    in 07 because of a
    wedding that day, too.

    My friends/family
    need to get an F’ing clue
    when planning these things.

  23. Respect to June Jones
    They smoked us for the first half
    Cardiac Mids Win!

    Plan for Notre Dame:
    Play two halfs of football please
    Only way to win

  24. Touchdown Jesus please
    Look with favor on the mids
    Help them help themselves

    For Cardiac Mids
    There will be no “Gimme” games
    Gotta stay hungry

  25. Touchdown Jesus NOT
    In the Meadowlands N J

  26. and gary returns for the notre dame game. hooray.

  27. Thanks Mike-Its good to be back.

  28. Hey, you guys should keep throwing those dirty blocks like you did on Notre Dame’s Robert Blanton last year.

    Keep it classy, boys.

  29. good idea, i’ll shoot a text to the coaching staff just to make sure.

  30. LOL @ someone calling themselves “Bristol Palin” telling us to keep it classy.

  31. Hey, what’s going on here?
    Only haikus in this thread!
    Isn’t that the rule?

  32. First five, then seven,
    followed by another five.
    Fun for one and all!

  33. I think “go-ing” is
    two syllables. Be careful
    tphuey. YUT!

  34. The Haikus are good
    Even if some cannot count
    Focus on Irish!

  35. Fifty-three…depends
    On what part of Texas yer
    from. Thanks alot, yall.

  36. Goin to THE GAME
    Please NAVY fans make NOIZE
    3 in a row NOW

  37. One plus one is two.
    One plus one plus one is three.
    Gary is confused.

  38. When has that changed
    I am always confused
    See you tomorrow

  39. You forgot about
    Two zero zero and eight
    Did not win that one

    Unless you meant three
    In a row for this season
    In that case–correct

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