Postgame Haiku, Vol. 38

The Navy offense?
So unimaginative.
Miss you, Corwin Brown.


47 Responses

  1. Navy’s Complete Game
    Gives the Irish a Clinic
    Damn wishbone offense…

  2. 18 point curb stomp.
    Good to be 1 and 0 at
    the New Meadowlands.

  3. The pipes are calling
    Oh Alex boy 2 hundred
    the streak stands at 2

  4. Plucky? Scrappy? Cute?
    Not this year, me Irish lass:

  5. we beat ND bad!
    It doesn’t have to be close!
    this never gets old.

  6. Malicious cut blocks
    Notre Dame fans still screaming
    Give it up Domers

  7. Navy Midshipmen
    Stop crushing my hopes and dreams
    Best Regards, Irish Fan

  8. Never thought I’d see
    metaphorical murder
    such as what this was.

  9. Tremendous offense
    And a plucky defense makes
    for sweet victory

  10. Not going to haiku, too drunk!

    Congrats Navy! What an awesome way to play! Incredible work guys!!!

  11. We win three of four
    Navy Bean is soup du jour
    Notre Dame no more

  12. What a complete game!
    Jabaree Tuani – BEAST!
    Offense, Defense, WOW!

  13. Like Don Larsen’s Game
    No Cardiac Mids Today
    Perfect Games Are Sweet

  14. Without a loss to
    Maryland, this win
    would not have happened.

  15. ^

  16. Kick ’em Stomp ’em, Smack ’em!
    Pushed the Irish ’round the field
    Navy wins again!

  17. Many perfect stats
    No Penalties, Turnovers
    Max QB rating

    (sure there were only 2 passes but it was 2 completes for 71 yards and 1 TD)

  18. lol TJ

  19. Has Navy ever
    put together two halves of
    more complete football?

    Those dirty Navy
    Players had no penalties?
    Corwin demands recount

    BE CLOSE. Candeto is still
    right, eight years later.

    “Selfish” Ricky hogged
    three more TDs for himself?
    Must fire Ivin now.

  20. How about a poll
    who’d trade the Notre Dame win
    for one at Air Force?

  21. Teich brought the boom-stick
    Plus amazing screen pass grab
    Goal-line stop so huge.

  22. Navy ran the veer
    To perfection according
    to Coach B Kelly.

  23. Hung a sheet poster
    Recycled from last year’s win
    Looks great nonetheless

    The boys made it look
    Easier than a chow call
    Go Navy, beat Duke.

  24. Four complete quarters
    Of Awesome Navy Football
    A thing of beauty!

  25. Three out of four years
    If Ricky can’t win the prize
    Vote Teich for Heisman

  26. Irish drive stops short
    No thunder to shake down here
    Lou Holtz speechless now!!

  27. Great win by Navy
    Now dont get caught by Duke
    Kiss our blarney stone

  28. Seventy five K
    Sixty five K for ND
    Where were Mid fans?

  29. Wow! What a Ball Game!
    35 2 17
    Let the Streak Begin!

  30. The collective groan
    By the subway alumni
    Music to my ears

  31. Stuffed at fourth and goal
    When it happens to others
    More enjoyable

  32. Irish confusion
    “Veer? What veer?” says Navy coach
    Scout team THAT next year

  33. Navy wins again
    now i will go stand the watch [ :( ]
    L-O-L Air Force

  34. Class act Notre Dame
    Got ass kicked but still stood for
    Navy Blue and Gold!

  35. BG and IJ
    your best effort of the year
    a real ass kicking

  36. Deja vu Mizzou
    perfection in all phases
    a total team win

  37. Here’s to the O line
    Here’s to the D line as well
    The game is won here

  38. Blogs claim self-beating.
    ND is the new AF!
    Sweet, sweet victory.

  39. Blogs claim self-beating.
    ND is the new AF!
    Sweet, sweet victory.

    Thirty nine Haiku
    were posted all of last week.
    Irish win frees pens!

  40. navy beats irish
    close close friend finally gets hitched
    not a bad weekend

  41. Leonardo, El Greco, Picasso
    All had modest starts
    As we savor t this Navy work of art

  42. Huskers: Sea of Red. N D faithful leaving game Left a Sea of grey

  43. Best play of the game:
    Gee Gee’s stiff-arm, dive, Touchdown.
    A thing of beauty.

    Tiech’s one-hand grab
    and 31 yard Touchdown
    was a great play too!

    My wife said to me:
    “I feel bad for Notre Dame.”
    She is still learning.

    I love our coaches.
    They get the absolute most
    out of their players.

    What a wonderful
    feeling to read all of these
    victory haikus!

  44. Total Team Effort.
    N D must admit the Truth:

    Navy is for real.

  45. Tokugawa reads
    Navy haikus from the void
    Death poems matured.

    Us enjiners really got some culture to we!

  46. For Notre Dame Fans
    Leaving after three quarters –
    thanks for your support!

  47. After last year’s win,
    Gladchuk said “We are legit!”
    Mids prove it again!

    My good friend is an
    ND fan and he is sick
    about the beat-down.

    Weis, ’twas not your fault.
    Navy is just a great program.
    Kelly will learn same.

    Unproductive day
    at work. Still basking in the
    glow of that great game.

    Go Navy beat Duke.
    Beat everybody else too.
    I feel 10 and 2.

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