21 thoughts on “THIS IS AWESOME

  1. Gary

    Best part is sitting back and reading about the IRISH WAKE that I attended yesterday in the NY/NJ papers.
    Well actually THE best part was watching thousands of “loyal” subway alumni (sorry but most are just a bunch of drunk Irish pigs out for a warm up celebration for St Patricks day in a few months- the real fans must be in South Bend !) get up in early third quarter and walk out mumbling amongst themselves in disbelief while my son and I and a few Navy fans celebrated and got better seats.
    Their silence WAS PRICELESS and KUDOS for Navy team that TOOK THE CROWD OUT OF THE GAME.
    They shut em up on goal line stand and then marching down and going up by 7 so easily.
    They may have put weighed us by 70 pounds per but what was the actual weight of their “hearts” compared to ours?
    A great day for the Navy`ish!

  2. Gary

    BTW- GREAT-GREAT job by the Brigade for their LOUD and constant SUPPORT in a “Braveheart” setting!
    I know its not “FC” (factually correct) here but its the same image.

  3. Gary

    Mike- Not even close though one can still “hate” another team.
    I could make many same claims for some here hating AF as much as they like Navy.

  4. Gary

    You know I have been out there for some time and chirped in as a Navy fan but as for showing up for this one week-game?
    Ok now I gotta lay it out there-yes I did-I know but I was laid off from my company after 11 years in 4/09 and at 56 with 30 years solid business experience all I was doing was draining my severance and $401K to survive with the high rent of this area and high cost to maintain my medical.
    I am married and still have 3 older kids at home and a 4th just completed graduate school last year.
    I have aged 10 years in the time since being kicked out the door for being a MODEL EMPLOYEE.
    Gotta tell you that this has been the most down and blackest time of my life and Navy football took a back seat for awhile and my interest as expected dwindled.
    Well now with only a month to go before UI runs out (my $401K is drained-severance long gone) and hundreds of resumes -Not even replied to and even local McDonalds and Targets and Lowes sneering at me- yeah I had a good week when ND came to town and we won.
    Have checked in here from time to time but really lacked desire to post up much on anything.
    It was a lack of interest due to that situation that led me to pretty much fall off the face of this earth and my fun filled or “questionable” postings-ramblings about Jarod Bryant and being a Top 25 team and playing quality opponents disappeared.
    Ok alot of whine but had to explain why I have disappeared and only shown up now.
    Before that you all know my irritating and confusing posts were always out there almost every game but YES especially for the Irish.
    I really understand though where your comment comes from- but its just not true.

  5. tman

    absolutely wonderful to watch all phases of Navy’s game. Everyone seemed to be dialed in. BTW how many times have we pulled a team offsides in past 3 years with “the play fake” vs how many time outs have we called unnecessarily only to punt after the time out?
    Still one of our best games against a quality opponent.

  6. Tman, how many times has it cost us a game? It hasn’t.

    The coaches aren’t always trying to draw the defense offside. By lining up and sending guys in motion, they can get an idea of what defense is called. If they feel like they have a play that they know will work against that defense, they’ll go for it. If not, they’ll punt. You’ll recall that the go-ahead touchdown against Louisiana Tech was scored two plays after a 4th down conversion doing just that.

    Timeouts are less important in college ball because the clock stops to move the chains. Sometimes it’s better to use them over the course of the game to get the team on the same page. That’s especially true when you’re dealing with 18-20 year-olds that are prone to making mistakes.

  7. Gary

    Guys didnt like the whine but had to let you know how it has all affected my disappearance(to relief of some-haha) of my posts and seemingly lack of interest.
    Hate to say but winning yesterday in that environment was my Braveheart moment )of the 76,500 there had to be almost 70,000 for ND-so it seemed (worse yet was hearing form an Irish fan that got 4 tickets from NAVY fans!) in a very dark bunch of months and one of the few joys I have had has been Navy football and their great seasons and wins.
    But for some reason alot of “zest” has left me- well now we know-the reason.
    Sorry guys.
    But yes onto a beat down of Duke and then a very big game and tough one at ECU.
    Run the rest of this table and I can start my Top 25 chirping again.
    Thanks for understanding-it was nothing else.

  8. MT Jarhead 86

    Living in Missoula, Montana, the local station pre-empted the Navy – ND Game so they could show the U of Montana vs. Northern Arizona game. I saw the highlights, but would love to see the game. Anyone have a VHS or DVD copy they would be willing to send? I will pay all costs. Many thanks.

    Mike Cadwell 505.400.3406

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