So if a late hit on a stupid block makes Navy a dirty team and Ken Niumatalolo a dirty coach according various entities in the Notre Dame sphere of influence, then what would they say about a gut punch and cleat-stomp?

Just curious.


  1. kevin

    This doesn’t directly deal with this video but I think it’s awesome that Navy plays so many slotbacks. It’s great for all those guys to see playing time. IIRC: GGG, Byrd, Santiago, Howell, Stukel and maybe Snelson.

  2. GoNavy83

    The most notable part of the video to me is how cool Howell is about the whole thing. I think 56 is a little embarrassed in the end.

  3. EKWJR

    Howell looked like he did a pretty good job of calling the guy out on it ,too…my guess would be some compliments to the ND player about his prowess as a cheap shot artist…

    But the ND player did not try to “chop” block Howell, so it’s ok…

  4. Cindy

    Howell was doing exactly as he was taught, nothing “dirty” or illegal about his block, this jackass #56 just decides to retaliate and stomp on Howell, sore looser who should have focused more on defense during the game than “dirty” plays after the fact

  5. El Cid '85

    Need to see the hit that took out Notre Dame nose guard Ian Williams…I believe it was a clean hit…in fact if I remember right one of his own guys fell on him.

  6. MT Jarhead 86

    Living in Missoula, Montana, the local station pre-empted the Navy – ND Game so they could show the U of Montana vs. Northern Arizona game. I saw the highlights, but would love to see the game. Anyone have a VHS or DVD copy they would be willing to send? I will pay all costs. Many thanks.

    Mike Cadwell 505.400.3406

  7. 901458

    Concur TeePee…or they copied a page out of FDB playbook. Win or lose…get cheep shot in whenever you can. Good Going ND…very ClASSy.

  8. IrishLax

    I want to link the play that Corwin called dirty because it is WAY dirtier than this. You’re talking about stepping on someone going into the pile versus trying to take out someones knee.

    Go to the 33 second and watch that play. In my opinion, players should be tossed for something like that. Those are the kind of dirty cheap shots that end peoples careers. Completely inexcusable.

    I’m not defending Kerry Neal on this play as much as pointing out that Navy makes just as many “dirty” plays as any other sports team. And for the record, I’ve seen much worse in the sport of lacrosse much less sports like hockey and rugby… the amount of whining over something this small in a sport like football is crazy.

  9. You missed the point entirely. We are clearly already aware of that play, since it was referenced in the post. You can quibble over levels of dirtiness if you want, and obviously you do. The point is that people like you have used that one play to make blanket statements about the Navy team and coaching staff for the last year, so they should either say the same thing about their own team now, or (preferably) just STFU about this crap and not let it tarnish what has been one of college football’s most cordial, spirited rivalries. It would be nice if that didn’t change just because Navy finally won a few games.

  10. IrishLax

    No, I’ve never made a blanket statement about them. To assume I am some Subway Alumni crazy/moronic Notre Dame fan is a bad assumption. Seriously, I’m one of the more logical people you will find on the internet. I think blanket statements, as a whole, are terrible because they apply grossly inaccurate generalities to issues that are usually nuanced.

    You and I are actually in agreement… as I said at the end everyone should just STFU and play football.

    The reason why I posted was because the blogger called the play on Blanton a “stupid block” and Neal’s actions “gut punch and cleat-stomp.” I like people who call it what it is… and the main blogger’s description lacked objectivity.

    That is all. See you all in 2011.

  11. I am the “main blogger,” and it was a stupid block. If you really want to think the guy was trying to injure the receiver, nobody will convince you otherwise.

  12. navyrugger

    Irishlax dirtiness is in the eye of the beholder. You say we should all just play (or watch) football, but you contradict that notion by arguing that Navy’s player was WAY dirtier…….can’t have it both ways.

    Not to mention that there is no question that the ND punch and stomp was intended – in frustration perhaps – to injure. You have no idea what the Navy guys intent was. And the Navy guy was called for a personal foul, and the ND guy…….well I guess he just gets to remember how bad a bunch of 1AA recruits kicked his ass.

  13. GoalieLax

    “pointing out that Navy makes just as many “dirty” plays as any other sports team”


    “I’ve never made a blanket statement about them”



  14. Gary

    Thats freakin horrible.
    Poor bully boys gettin bullied like that cant take it!
    Why isnt that one being sent to the league and get that guy tossed?
    Incredibly (?) missed.

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