The EagleBank Bowl, briefly called the Congressional Bowl at first, has a new sponsor in Northrop Grumman. With a new sponsor comes a new name: The Military Bowl. A curious choice, considering that there is already an Armed Forces Bowl.

There’s so much going on in DC that there has to be a better name than “Military Bowl,” right?


  1. goat7ed

    Freddie and Fannie Bowl…really expensive tickets but practically given away. You will get to see a really great game for three quarters. Then they come tell you to pay the full face value, and if you can’t, they will throw you out.

    You may not have to leave, though, as there is a chance the folks that are going to other bowl games will have be forced to pay for your tickets.

  2. KotetsuKaigun

    So we have the Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl and the Northrop Grumman Military Bowl. Can we get a Colt Firearms Boomstick Bowl?

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