1. DJ

    If Floyd, Riddick, and Williams are out for ND against Army, I don’t see any way ND beats Army. I would love to take Army and the points in that game. Thanks Diaco for the gambling tip, since you know, you guys aren’t going to make any adjustments to the veer. And who says veer any more? Just call it the triple option, and I guarantee your success in stopping it increases tenfold.

  2. KotetsuKaigun

    I know he made words come out of his mouth since I could hear noise that sounded like English but, for the life of me, I could not follow what he was saying.

  3. EKWJR

    1. Reminds me a lot of Monken’s words of inspiration at halftime when GSU played Navy…

    2. We need ND to keep this guy for the rest of my life…

  4. Stephen

    Umm, well, this year we’ve been going back to basics.

    So, this week, going forward, we have to reiterate going back to the basics

    [then I slipped into a coma, woke up later, it was dark outside and I was hungry]

  5. Eighty Fiver

    The guy who appears behind him, on the left side of the screen, two minutes into the video, looks incredibly uncomfortable as Diaco stands there and continues to talk nonsense. (e.g., “Our core foundation beliefs for creating good defense” — as if playing good defense were simply a matter of believing.) My guess is that the guy in the background is from the SID office and is trying to find some way to get Diaco to STFU.

    Diaco seems like a nice guy who is in a bit over his head. I genuinely feel sorry for him.

  6. Eighty Fiver

    BTW, I’m looking forward to the TBD breakdown on this one. Would like to hear your thoughts, Mike, on whether Kelly and Diaco are correct. (How unusual the formation is, etc.)

  7. Kevin LeBlanc

    Oh come on, let’s not be haters here…Navy won. Be happy with it. To watch one video of a guy after his defense got destroyed in one game and question his ability to coach defense is sort of lame. I wouldn’t feel sorry for him. He’s made the defense more fundamentally sound than it was under Corwin Brown/Jon Tenuta. Tenuta was supposedly in head coaching discussion in 07, so take that for what it’s worth. And suggesting Army will beat Notre Dame is a bit strange. There is still a big gap between Navy and Army.

  8. Every coach talks about getting back to basics. That’s nothing. But stuff like,

    “We had a particular plan, went into the game with the plan and also understood that if the plan didn’t work, there really was not much in the relief department to do during the course of the game.”

    I mean, come on. This isn’t hate, this is just… I don’t know how to describe it. You kind of have to understand this blog a little, Kevin. I think we have a little more appreciation for the coaching profession than most, and we spend a great deal of time looking at how they manage the complexities of the game. But Diaco is basically saying, “What? They came out in something different? Well I’ve done all I can do here.” Football is all about adjusting to what the other guy is doing. This comment is just unbelievable to me, and it’s only one of several in that gold mine.

  9. newt91

    other than the dilbert-like strings of buzzwords, two things hit me:

    1) as mike points out – “there were no adjustments to be made?” – lolwut? That means either a) he just quit or b) he couldn’t figure out what to do or c) he hasn’t taught his players how to make in-game adjustments / he doesn’t trust his players to make them. any of those are fatal flaws in a coach. and if i heard one one of my employees talking like that, it’d be a llloooooonnnnngggg conversation.

    2) while we did make some adjustments (playing more unbalanced than usual) and did have a few “trick plays”, in all honesty we mostly ran our base package. Heck – we only threw 3 passes. so for him to look at the film and not see that we ran what we normally run, and feel like we were pulling all sorts of surprises is kinda disturbing.

    oh yeah – and which one of our backs weighs 250#?

  10. Kevin LeBlanc

    No worries, Mike. There’s no lost love for a sense of humor or a chuckle here and there. Diaco didn’t have a good response, but what is he supposed to do? Say that it was a fluke that Navy’s backup FB set a Navy FB rushing record? Say that he got completely outclassed? Neither of those would have gone over well with the Notre Dame fanbase because they know he was outclassed. You don’t admit it or pass on blame (like Michigan fans do). Your breakdown of option football is second to none and you make it very easy to grasp, so that’s why I’ve read this blog for some time. But Diaco was being honest…there wasn’t anything they were going to be able to do, which is why so many teams struggle against this offense their first few times, especially after halftime adjustments. And no one runs it like Navy runs it. For Navy, making a slight change to their offense is part of their general understanding of the concepts and is a relatively simple idea. But explaining the defensive breakdowns to players at halftime isn’t going to work. He simply admitted that…awkwardly. Diaco has improved the Irish defense by a full step. He’ll be fine and he’ll learn from his mistakes. Notre Dame won’t have any trouble with Army, just like Navy hasn’t. The biggest reason that Navy won by so much is that Notre Dame’s players are mentally weak and were scared of losing, whereas Navy was hungry for another win. Frankly, Navy is used to winning. Notre Dame is used to close games and rarely beats a team over .500.

  11. Navy72

    I learned:

    1. Teich had one heckuva meal after the ND game and will likely miss Duke because of he’s on Weight Watchers.

    2. There is nothing a defense can do when the offense uses an unbalanced line. It will soon be outlawed like cut blocking.

    3. This guy is coaching because he missed his screen test for “Happy Days”.

  12. Glenn Vickers

    What a Knucklehead,
    No wonder why Notre Dame looked so confused on defence! Did this guy get a job because he is a cousin of coach Kelly’s sister’s husbands uncle? LOL. Holly smoke that was incredible.Coach Kelly said that they had been preparing for Navy for five weeks! I don’t think so

  13. goat7ed

    Same scenario, different setting…

    “How could you just absolutely and unexpectedly fail INSURV?”

    Note to the kids, not all sea lawyer examples end as benignly as this video would lead you to believe…especially the part where he gets to move on to talk about his next game.

    Don’t try this yourself. This man is a professional.

  14. Stephen

    OT, but if you have the CBS College channel, the ND smackdown is being reshown now 2230-0130Eastern. For those of you with actual jobs, it’s also on tomorrow (Friday) 20-23.

    Bask in the Schadenfreude…

  15. EKWJR

    Showed this to a female co-worker today:

    First reaction: “This is staged, isn’t it?”

    After I told her no, it was not, she said:

    “This could be a skit on Saturday Night Live…”

  16. Hubie01

    I think being polite and positive is pretty graceful here – much different from the Weis days. Why not give him credit there? Not being specific allows him to just chat without really talking about how poorly they performed.

  17. cbyhm

    Michigan fan here. I saw the subject line and thought you guys were talking about us. Never mind.

    Nice site BTW, got here from MGoBlog.

  18. Zax

    I’m an ND fan who believes Diaco is only our coordinator because every other guy who interviewed for the job gave Kelly the stink-eye when they discovered he had every intention of leaving his defense on the field for 48 minutes every game.

  19. BeatArmy

    …and two years later, he has a Heisman finalist, one of the top defenses in the country on the No.1 team, is playing for the NC, and being mentioned as a potential hire for several AQC HC jobs.

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