17 thoughts on “Postgame Haiku, Vol. 41

  1. usmc53

    Great job Kriss Proctor.
    Offense was fine-tuned machine
    with you at the helm.

    Loved watching KN
    Not looking at 2-point play,
    then celebrating.

  2. f14driver

    gracious mercy me,
    right down to the wire again,
    suspense killing us!

    dont understand why
    have no home field advantage,
    Navy travels well!

  3. 81Zoltan

    OK, I am a coaching failure, I am looking ahead two games:

    It’s not the size of
    the Goat in the fight;
    it’s the size of the
    fight in the Goat.

    Time to get tough NAVY. Practice mean on Arkansas State, then BEAT ARMY. No mercy, no quarter. Keelhaul. Brace them up.

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