Postgame Haiku, Vol. 41

Plenty of offense.
Defense at a premium.
Just enough to win.


17 Responses

  1. Standard Mid Autumn
    Saturday, same ol’ same ol’
    Last play victory

  2. Great job Kriss Proctor.
    Offense was fine-tuned machine
    with you at the helm.

    Loved watching KN
    Not looking at 2-point play,
    then celebrating.

  3. Don’t know what to say
    Offense never looked so good
    Defense – no comment

  4. TBD Tailgate
    Was a triumph…great success
    Cheesecake not a lie

    Proctor played quite well
    A few plays showed why he’s 2
    D like threes in 4th

  5. Three short blasts is cool;
    everything else just – well – blows.
    Please, whistle guy, stop.

  6. Thirty-eight more than
    Thirty-seven, Captain great
    Espresso Vodka

    (not so much)

  7. Awesome tailgater
    Putting faces to screen names
    was a lot of fun!

    Navy football gives
    us another nailbiter.
    No fingernails left.

  8. A win is a win
    The steel curtain we are not
    But bowl bound we are

  9. Proctor playing for
    Interview with same hottie
    who interviewed Teich

  10. Oh my pounding heart
    ‘Lizbeth, this is the big one
    (whew) that was too close

  11. These games are getting tougher to watch. Hope we can all relax and enjoy next Saturday.

  12. Easier to watch

    Last play of game not work out

    From the winning side

  13. offense aplenty
    eighty yards and no timeouts
    bend but don’t break bent

  14. gracious mercy me,
    right down to the wire again,
    suspense killing us!

    dont understand why
    have no home field advantage,
    Navy travels well!

  15. Birddog tailgater
    There was so much food and drink
    I gained like 5 pounds

  16. Fire Buddy Green
    Proctor is better than Dobbs
    Oh I thought we lost

    -GoMids poster

  17. OK, I am a coaching failure, I am looking ahead two games:

    It’s not the size of
    the Goat in the fight;
    it’s the size of the
    fight in the Goat.

    Time to get tough NAVY. Practice mean on Arkansas State, then BEAT ARMY. No mercy, no quarter. Keelhaul. Brace them up.

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