Postgame Haiku, Vol. 42

Navy senior day,
And the seniors came to play.
I will miss you guys.


22 Responses

  1. Good senior day win
    Defense tightened up a bit
    Cross said “Go Army?”

    [Am I the only one who heard him say that?]

  2. BZ all Seniors
    Dobbs all cylinders firing
    ’11 goes out in style

  3. Donna sets the record
    Bend but don’t break succeeded
    No points in the third?

  4. Stupid auto correct! Should be Dobbs!

  5. Nada Go Army!
    Cross muffs it at the game end
    Beat Army Again!

  6. lol @ Donna

  7. great day for seniors,
    and dobbs looked great all around,
    we will miss this class!

  8. Fare thee well seniors
    Fare thee well record setters
    Beat woops one more time

  9. Dobbs goes eight for nine
    in the air, big bombs, big runs
    Vote for Dobbs for Prez

  10. Donna who?

  11. NMCMS
    saw one last great game from these
    wonderful seniors.

  12. Dobbs leads Navy team
    In many ways than just stats
    Fair winds, our seniors

  13. Ricky pads his stats
    But he’s an incomparable
    Rubbby dubbier.

  14. A great senior day
    We really don’t need suspense
    And the win feels good

    Ricky sets records
    And the seniors will be missed
    Love cardiac mids!

  15. Worst fans in football
    These seniors deserved better
    Many empty seats

  16. Twenty three move on
    Who will step forward next year
    But first BEAT ARMY

  17. Bench Proctor I say
    Wait, he’s not the starter yet
    Head start on next year


  18. Senior day now gone
    but it is not over yet
    ARMY call the doc

  19. Love the sing alongs.
    Memories of Plebe Summer
    Not so bad, I guess.

  20. Great win for seniors
    Drive for 10 is still alive
    Frog stomp army next

    Seven votes for us
    SOS kills us again
    Oh, Air Farce has none…

  21. The Q-B is key
    In any type of offense
    R-D more than most

  22. Great Navy win to close out another season at the best 34,000 seat collegiate stadium in the country – only to get better.

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