26 thoughts on “Postgame Haiku, Vol. 43

  1. El Cid '85

    Four turnovers be damed
    Number 8 shines for Navy
    For nine in a row

    The fourth quarter drive
    Was the real game killer
    Bring on the Aztecs

  2. Eric

    Navy seniors got
    Commissions last week; will be
    In harm’s way next week?

    (Re: postgame studio commentary–couldn’t these guys make an attempt to be a little more educated?)

  3. usmc53

    Whoops shut down option.
    Good thing Ricky throws so well.
    His arm won the game.

    Wyatt broke the hearts
    of Army fans everywhere
    with his touchdown run.

    Uniforms were bad.
    Shoulderboards look butt-ugly.
    Use throw-backs instead.

  4. goat7ed

    do do doooooo do-dooooooo
    DO DOOOO do dooo —BA DA DA
    DAH…HEY!!! YOU SUCeed.

    Let’s just be happy
    It was not “Mony, Mony”
    Earmuffs, kids, earmuffs!

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