Postgame Haiku, Vol. 43

Ricky Dobbs giveth,
Ricky Dobbs taketh away,
Navy wins again.


26 Responses

  1. So 4 turnovers
    And yet a two touchdown win
    The gap not closing

  2. Should Navy switch to
    the unis they wore today
    permanently? Yes.

  3. VARSGOAT still a putz
    Of course everyone knows that
    But he hangs with brass

  4. I quaffed IPA.

    We watch’d Navy wrap up the game

    Post game way too short.

  5. Blocking gap closes
    But not much else, As Wyatt
    Shows brother what’s up

  6. Army is better
    With turnovers we still win
    Sink the Aztecs next

  7. Ninety plus eight yards
    And a cloud of beat army
    Going Going Gone!

    Nine in a row but
    Army keeps closing the gap

  8. Not quite as easy.
    Just hope Kenny is still here
    Tomorrow morning.

  9. Another double
    Digit win. Nine in a row.
    But it’s closing, right?

  10. Army will need more
    emotional callouses
    after ninth straight win

  11. Woops shut down the run.
    Dobbs completed some long ones.
    Navy wins again!

    Army slotbacks Face-
    Planted Navy defenders
    on the perimeter

  12. Times Herald writers
    Stuck in their own dreamy world
    Gap closing my A$$

  13. Four turnovers be damed
    Number 8 shines for Navy
    For nine in a row

    The fourth quarter drive
    Was the real game killer
    Bring on the Aztecs

  14. Navy seniors got
    Commissions last week; will be
    In harm’s way next week?

    (Re: postgame studio commentary–couldn’t these guys make an attempt to be a little more educated?)

  15. Birddog calls it right
    Speed and talent overwhelm
    Navy wins again

  16. I say “hell no” to
    the shoulderboard uniforms.
    Keep the blue pants though.

  17. Tradition says wear
    Blue and Gold in battle fair
    Bowl games show your flair

  18. C-B-S Coverage
    Really sucked after the game
    No alma maters

  19. Vanderbilt head coach
    Gus Malzahn accepts the offer
    Navy fans sleep better

  20. Re: Zoltan

    Who’s your inside source?
    Latest on ESPN:
    Malzahn is staying.

  21. Whoops shut down option.
    Good thing Ricky throws so well.
    His arm won the game.

    Wyatt broke the hearts
    of Army fans everywhere
    with his touchdown run.

    Uniforms were bad.
    Shoulderboards look butt-ugly.
    Use throw-backs instead.

  22. My source lacks merit.

    Gus Malzahn declines the offer

    Navy fans no sleep good

  23. Navy fans are fine
    And for that matter, so are
    Most Maryland fans

  24. do do doooooo do-dooooooo
    DO DOOOO do dooo —BA DA DA
    DAH…HEY!!! YOU SUCeed.

    Let’s just be happy
    It was not “Mony, Mony”
    Earmuffs, kids, earmuffs!

  25. throw backs from last year’s Temple game the best.

  26. Army board: “Dobbs is
    no better than Steelman, just
    better coaches/scheme.”

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