Seriously, they couldn’t find a better

Seriously, they couldn’t find a better picture? Don’t encourage the nerds!


9 Responses

  1. I think that picture is a *ahem* perfect depiction of “A Game of Honor”.


  2. Well, it captures the innocence of the primordial instinct in which the true essence of the competition of the …. the …. No you’re right it sucks!

  3. Looks like a kid from that section of mids that get dressed up in wacky stuff to provide color for the TV cameras. I forgot what they call it, but it’s well beyond lame.

  4. Actually I think it’s a young kid

  5. Actually, I think it’s a young kid.

    • Wearing plebe issue chem goggles? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this phenomenon at Navy games before.

  6. “They have nothing to hide. There are no warts there.” Can’t . . . stop . . . laughing. . .

  7. team awesome is a whole lot of awesome.

  8. With that hair helmet Michael Hiestand should be asking the same thing about his picture.

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