18 thoughts on “MIAMI

  1. Navy05

    Ok, I’ve googled and gone to about 10 websites trying to figure out this blog post. Please link or explain. Excuse the ignorance.

  2. Dave'69

    Local fallout. Radio talk show and Scout board comments have already begun to appear regarding a current Alabama coach and the Director of Football Operations who came here from Miami. More news to follow in the 10 o’clock report.

  3. tphuey

    There is no way that such a highly respected university sports program could have done anything this blatant.

    Oh, wait. The University of Miami sports program isn’t highly respected. Never mind.

  4. GoalieLax

    it is pretty impressive

    now to piss mike off for a second…

    in the ongoing saga of the UNC investigation, it came out last night that the police officer assigned to Butch Davis on game day covered up a drunk driving accident involving 4 football players in May. Despite $18k in damages to a car that was flipped while going 20 over the limit under the guidance of an intoxicated player, the cop wrote the ticket for invalid license only.’

    the ACC is catching up to the SEC baby!!!

  5. newt91

    that is SPECTACULAR

    my gut tells me this happens (on some scale) at a lot of big time programs, but that the boosters aren’t usually con artists who end up in a federal pen.

    and of course as i’m reading it i’m thinking “how much fun would it have been to have been a part of all that”

  6. Keith

    If Miami doesn’t get the NCAA ‘Death Penalty’ for these infractions like SMU did years ago then something is terribly wrong.

  7. tphuey

    Does anybody besides me look at the lead article on GoMids and wonder if the author is implying that the Naval Academy could end up in the same hot water that Miami is in?

    The more I think about it, the more upset I get at that article on GoMids.

  8. DotBone89

    If Miami gets the Death Penalty, it might be the straw which eventually leads to the BCS + schools to secede from the NCAA.

    PS, Shapiro is not good enough to be referred to as a dude. I hereby retract said characterization in the above comment.

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