The Crystal Ball Run is a new collaboration between several fine bloggers, including some you’ve come across while reading this blog over the years like Blatant Homerism and In The Bleachers. They asked if I would answer a few questions on Navy football, and I obliged. You can read my responses here.

You can follow The Crystal Ball Run on Twitter. You can follow me too, for that matter.

2 thoughts on “LET’S TAKE A FIELD TRIP

  1. Chvw '99

    Nice job, Mike. Good work as usual. However, the service academies are clearly given an unfair advantage when they use cut blocks, particularly when their opponents lose – you really missed the mark on that one…

  2. Navy72


    Your response on cut blocks is suitable for framing. Great stuff.

    Must admit that I read the whole thing and thought, “Gosh, this guy knows his stuff” and didn’t realize it was you until I got here.

    Great work.

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