San Jose State game confirmed on ESPN3:

San Jose State game confirmed on ESPN3:

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  1. dammit 4pm EST is going to be smack dab in the middle of my brother’s wedding

  2. So now all games except the Oct 15 game againt Rutgers are on TV. If we get a couple of early season wins (like SC and AF), the Rutgers game will get picked up by someone.

  3. The Rutgers game will be televised. It’s just a question of where. If it isn’t on TV, it’ll be on ESPN3.

  4. Am I mistaken or was the last Navy game not televised at North Texas on Nov 10. 2007?
    That’s quite a recruiting tool, especially in situations when competing against Army and AF.

  5. That depends on whether or not you consider ESPN3 to be “televised.”

  6. I’ve sat in front of a computer screen to watch the game.
    Last year I was in Gulf Shores for the Wake Forest game. I found out that a Pensacola navy group had arranged to have the ESPN3 game routed thru a projection TV at a bowling alley bar.
    If there is a way for me to watch the game “live” without buying a ticket at the gate, that’s “televised” as far as I’m concerned.
    Based upon that criteria, am I correct to say that we are working on a 43 televised game streak?

  7. Well, I watched the North Texas game online, so I don’t know what counts. That was a feed of their jumbotron and not produced by a television company like ESPN3 is, so maybe that’s where the line is drawn.

  8. You are much more technologically talented than I am. As I recall, it took me a while to figure out how to stream WNAV that day. My daughter (then 12 years old) was not around to help me. So North Texas is indeed where I draw the line.
    In any event, I’ll place our “televised” record up against anyone in the country, including Alabama, Auburn, and the rest of the SEC which says a lot for the popularity of Navy football (even if COMCAST still has not gotten the word).

  9. If I can watch the game streaming, I count it as televised.

    To think of all the years I sat listening to WNAV online and fuming over, “Candeto is at the 10. . . the 5. . . ” !
    Truly, we are in a golden age for Navy football.

  10. Last post should have read, “Candeto at the 10. .. at the 5. . . . (buffering…………….buffering……………..) and the kick is good.”

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