I have a lot of readers in Annapolis and in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach areas. If you guys are reading this, I assume you decided not to get out of dodge ahead of the storm. My parents live in Virginia Beach, and I offered to drive up to help them hunker down and for the inevitable cleanup. My father said no. I’m pretty sure he’s going to climb the flagpole on the end of his dock and ride this one out Lieutenant Dan-style. For the rest of you, don’t forget to fill your bathtub and stay away from windows.

Stay safe. By the time you get power back, I might even have the Delaware preview posted.

11 thoughts on “REAL LIFE

  1. Dave'69

    Alabama – today’s high 99, sunny and hot, nothing but scattered showers shown in the 7 day forcast.
    Over the years I’ve lived in Portsmouth, Richmond, and Waynesboro, Virginia, in Leonardtown and Annapolis, MD, in Jackson and Lake Hopatcong, NJ and in Fall River, Mass.
    Today I’m happy to be in the south waiting for football season and your Delaware preview.

  2. Anonymous

    Got beer, dog food, a can opener, and a generator with 20 gallons of gas. I think we’re about as ready as we’ll get!

  3. DotBone89

    Attempt #2: Over here in VB, I lost power for a total of 10 seconds. However, I LOST THE INTERWEB FOR 18 HOURS ( and then another 3 hours ). Hope this gets through. And thanks to everyone for worrying so Irene wouldn’t hurt us all that bad.

  4. Anonymous

    I have finally ordered a generator ( no less!). We lost power here in western Annapolis for almost 48 hours…Ogle Hall still down.

  5. Eastport is still without power. The lights at Rowe and 50 are all out. Apparently there are 300 line crews from Bama coming up here to help. BG&E says Friday for normal power in the area. We have a few generators at the loft kicking so we can still get work done, but we may be the only business on the peninsula operating right now.

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